Why Hire A Workers’ Compensation Lawyer?

You’ve heard of people using a workers compensation lawyer when they become injured on the job, but you’re wondering why. If you were truly injured on the job, why would anyone need to argue that fact? Why would an employee need to prove their injury through a court of law in order for their employer’s insurance to pay for their medical expenses?

Step back and ask yourself this question. When was the last time you opened a medical bill and thought to yourself “Wow, that was less expensive than I thought it would be.”. The answer is most likely, slim to none.

A company provides workers compensation insurance for their employees to take care of the “if” and “when” accidents occur, but this does not always guarantee the insurance company will fork out payment. Regardless of your great relationship with your boss, whether or not their workers compensation insurance approves your accident as liable for payment, you could get stuck with the bill yourself.

Even in relatively uncomplicated situations such as a twisted ankle or a minor cut requiring a couple stitches, it is often still a good idea to contact a workers compensation attorney in Gwinnett County. Most often attorneys will provide a free consultation. If you have doubts about your workers compensation covering your injury, contact them for advice. They will walk you through the process and alert you of potential pitfalls to avoid.
Contact an attorney as soon as possible if you’re experiencing any of the listed items below:

  • If you have a pre existing condition that flared up while at work
  • If you’ve had a workers compensation injury claim denied
  • If your permanent disability rating is disputed
  • If you cannot get the medical treatment you need to make a full recovery
  • If you are currently receiving other government aid
  • If your ability to work has been affected

Insurance adjusters are in the business of trying to pay as little as possible to injured employees. Knowing this fact should be a huge contributing factor to you wanting to seek legal advice moving forward with your claim. An experienced attorney will make it their job to ensure you aren’t taken advantage of and that you get the full benefits you deserve in order to get back to the active lifestyle you had before the accident. Often an insurance adjuster will come with a lowball offer for your workers compensation benefits. A lot of people don’t understand that 9 out of 10 times they could qualify for a higher offer than the insurance presents. Because of this lack of knowledge and slight desperation to take any up front offer, they miss out on so much more that they could have had.
If you’ve been injured on the job, let an experienced attorney fight on your behalf. You just worry about recovering. Call Spillers Law Firm today at (678) 208-0800 for a FREE case evaluation with a Gwinnett County workers compensation attorney.