When Should Newborn Photos be Taken?

The first couple weeks of a newborn’s life can be a bit stressful for a new mom. Suddenly you’re a mom to a tiny baby who needs a lot of help. You’re probably overwhelmed, exhausted, and quite frankly don’t want to go anywhere. But, newborn photography is something that you’re going to cherish for a very long time. Making sure that you get your newborn pictures taken when their baby is fresh and new is so important. You are exhausted right now, and you might not remember the tiny details of your new baby in a year. Most moms might refer to this stage as survival mode.

It is highly suggested that you take newborn pictures very early on in your baby’s life. In fact, most good photographers suggest that you take them within the first two to three weeks of your baby’s life. Just give you a really stressful for mom because they don’t want to take their babies somewhere that they don’t know when they are so small and vulnerable. This is where your study and research comes in. You need to pick someone who you feel comfortable with dealing with your baby at such a young age.

Safety First

Because your baby is so small, you want to pay attention to how the photographer and the sizes the safety of your baby. Newborn photos seem very innocent and very adorable, but they can be dangerous if they’re not taking carefully. Different dangerous for your baby’s breathing. Those photographers are trains and know what is okay for your baby to do and what’s not. Asking questions to the photographer about safety it’s totally okay and normal. Ask them about positioning your baby and what the environment at the studio will be.

Most photographers very warm for newborn babies.  In fact, most Studio should be around 80 degrees for the baby. This may seem very warm to you, and you probably don’t keep your house that warm, but you have to remember that most often your baby is naked when taking newborn photos. Making sure that the environment is plenty warm for your baby will make sure that they are not going to pick him sick with a cold or something else after the photography session. It’s definitely okay just to ask your photographer how there’s to do is set up and what temperature it will be.

Your baby is obviously going to come first during the session. They’re fragile a new and they need a lot of help. Ask you for tographer how long they plan for your session. Things like diaper changes and bottle are going to have to have it during the session. Your baby is going to be hungry, and they are going to make a mess of their diaper. Making sure that there is ample amount of time for you to take care of your baby, and still get great pictures will set your mind at ease. Simply bring up this concern to the photographer and see how they handle it.