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Interactive Student Engagement

In Spring 2013, the FindingLife team is embarking on a new adventure. This time they will be climbing Denali, the highest mountain in North America. What’s truly unique about this expedition is that the team is comprised of bloodline descendents of the first successful ascent of the mountain in 1913. We invite schools from around the globe to follow this expedition and to participate.









The overall expedition is a challenge in itself but the team will also be facing serious mental, emotional and physical challenges of varying scales throughout the expedition. We want you to join the Centennial team in overcoming challenges.

  • We challenge YOU to take on a personal challenge for the duration of this expedition. (ex. learn a new skill, break a bad habit, overcome a fear, do one nice thing for someone every day, etc.) Information on Goal Setting can be found at Kidsgoals.com
  • We challenge YOUR SCHOOL/CLASS to choose a challenge. (ex. Reduce waste by increasing recycle within the school, to increase the number of hours everyone is physically active, to organize a volleyball tournament for your neighbouring school, to start a welcoming committee for new members of your community, etc.)
  • We challenge YOU to challenge TWO OTHER SCHOOLS. Tell them about the challenges you have chosen for your class/school and invite them to participate in the Denali Centennial Climb with you. Invite them to join in on your challenge or come up with one of their own. Help each other to achieve your goals!

It won’t be easy! We encourage you to set goals, create an action plan, persevere through adversity and achieve your goal (or be on your way to achieving it!).

There are many other ways to be involved. Check the sub-menues on the right for other ways to incorporate the 2013 Denali Centennial climb into your school.

Register your classroom by emailing us at info@findinglife.ca


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