The Amazing Benefits of Portable Solar Generators

Portable solar generators are basically used when regular electrical power is inaccessible, such as on a camping trip or during a power outage. These generators basically collect the energy directly from the sun and then converted it into an electrical current, which is later, stored for future use on a 12-Volt battery. This power source perhaps be used to run some of the small appliances such as a fan, TV, or laptop. Some of the solar-powered generators are used to recharge the batteries used in cell phones, flashlights, or any other piece of battery-operated equipment. These solar generators are invaluable in emergency situations or whenever you are away from a regular electrical outlet.

Portable solar generators are more preferable to gas generators for their convenience, accessibility, and safety. One major demerit of having gas generators is that they are extremely noisy. Moreover, they require the user to keep the gas on hand, which can present big risks from fumes or fire. A solar generator requires no other fuel sources other than what is abundantly supplied by the sun. This indicates that it can be conveniently set outside or even near a window to safely charge the batteries, and when you have to make use of it, the solar generator will provide you with a quiet, clean source of energy that you can easily rely on no matter what situation you are in.

Portable generators, whether solar or gas, basically are used when regular power is out or when you are in a remote area where there are no regular power sources available. In either case, gas perhaps be dangerous for you to carry long. Being able to generate your own electricity with your generator is a big advantage while you are going through a power crisis.

A portable solar generator is just perfect for camping and hiking trips with the family or for use on an RV or a boat. These units are portable and light in weight, which makes them easier to carry alone. The size of the generator you need depends on the activity you intend to use it for. If you are considering getting a generator to keep your phone or laptop charged while you are on the go, a 15 to 30 Watt generator would provide you with sufficient power. If you are looking for a unit that can help power several appliances at a time and can keep up with a prolonged power outage, then you would prefer opting for one that will generate at least 1500 watts of energy.