3 Best Tummy Control Shapewear Styles

The midsection is one of the most common sources of body insecurity for women, which is why shapewear that targets this area in particular is so popular. Tummy control shapewear zeroes in on your midsection to gently smooth your curves, slim your waist, sculpt your hips, flatten your tummy, and eliminate love handles and muffin top.

There are countless different tummy control shapewear styles available on the market. The best style for you depends on a variety of factors—your wardrobe, comfort level, lifestyle, etc., but these three types of shapewear are some of the most popular, discreet, and effective tummy control shapewear styles for women who want to specifically target their midsection.

1. High Rise Panties

If you’re looking for ultra-discreet tummy control shapewear, high rise panties are your best option. They are available in a wide variety of styles, ranging from thongs to briefs. You can even find sexy high rise panties that are designed to offer a little extra coverage and support for your midsection when you’re showing off your figure in lingerie.

The best thing about high rise panty shapewear is that these styles look virtually identical to non-shaping panty styles. They are designed with an extra wide waistband that offers gentle, comfortable, invisible shaping coverage for your midsection from the top of your waist down to your hips and love handles.

High rise panties are also a great transitional option for women who are new to shapewear and are interested in trying it out but are nervous about committing to a full body shaper or another more conspicuous style.

2. Shaping Slip

A shaping slip can help you feel sleek and sexy again in tight skirts and body con dresses. These subtle shapewear styles look just like classic slips and are designed specifically to be worn under skirts and dresses.

There are many different shaping slip styles on the market that are designed to accommodate shorter skirts, low-back dresses, and other more revealing styles to ensure that your shapewear remains invisible under any skirt or dress you wear. Shaping slips are not usually the first tummy control shapewear style that women consider when shopping for shapewear, but these unique styles do come in handy more frequently than you might think.

3. Waist Cinchers

Waist cinchers are ideal tummy control shapewear styles to wear while working out at the gym, going for a run, or participating in any type of rigorous physical activity. They are designed to make you sweat more while you move and increase the efficiency of your workout for faster, easier weight loss and toning.

Most waist cinchers are not ideal to wear under your everyday clothes, as many of these cincher styles feature bulkier seams and closures that are difficult to keep hidden under standard tops. They are not as inconspicuous as most other types of tummy control shapewear, but these cinchers help you get more out of your workouts to achieve faster visible results for your midsection.