3 Foods to Consider for Your Next Company Lunch

Company lunches can be so much fun and are actually very beneficial when it comes to the work environment and atmosphere of your company. Taking an hour once a month to sit down and have a normal conversation with your employees over good food is such a good way to really get to know each other and appreciate where all of the different personalities comes from. We have some great food ideas for you to consider when you are planning the next company lunch.

Backyard BBQ

How relaxing is sitting down on a picnic blanket under the summer sun, on plush grass while having a picnic? Everyone loves a good lunch break in the park and your employees are no different. A summer BBQ is a great way to release stress and really enjoy your lunch break. A BBQ can be really simple. A couple of salads, some grilled chicken and tri tip, and a cold desert make a great backyard BBQ. Also, lucky for you, there are so many New York corporate catering companies who will come right to your location and set up, cook, and clean up for you! A picnic in the park that you don’t have to cook or clean up; sign me up!

Bring the Comfort

On a cold, stormy day what sounds better than some southern comfort food? If you are planning lunch in November, it is a great time to bring out the warm comfort foods. Meatloaf and mashed potatoes are sure to make everyone feel warm inside. Adding a cold green salad with lots of toppings to the menu will help make everyone feel right at home. Of course, you can’t forget to add the pie to the end of the table for dessert!

Springtime Fiesta

Spring has finally sprung after a long winter and everyone is looking to get their fiesta on! What better way to get out the wiggles then catering a fiesta for your employees? You can add some many different fun foods to a table when you are creating a taco, nacho, or burrito bar. Everyone can find something they like when you set up an entire table focused on mexican food.

Catering your monthly luncheon can be so much fun if you choose to be creative and put thought behind each of the meals that you plan. Consider what the weather is outside and how your employees really want to spend their lunch hour. Mixing up the different foods is fun and makes each month something that your employees are going to appreciate.