4 Effective Ways to Hire an Office Manager for Your Business Workplace

4 Effective Ways to Hire an Office Manager for Your Business Workplace

Hiring an office manager is not an easy task. The person is responsible for supervising the proper operations of your workplace. And if your business is rapidly scaling or requires much daily upkeep, an office manager will indeed become a source of much help to you. But how do you go about hiring one?

There are more than a few ways that you can consider. You can work with administration jobs consultants who specialise in helping you get in touch with the right candidate. You can also utilise your social network for it.

So, given below are some practical ways to find a suitable office manager for your workplace:

1. Create a Good Job Description

The job description you create is the hook that tempts the best candidate to your workplace. So, start by writing a summary of the job role. Next, list what will be their regular tasks and responsibilities, and it can involve duties ranging from clerical activities to accounting tasks and office maintenance. You need to find someone who can suit your corporate culture and also have the right skillset. And to achieve this, ensure that you are listing down the behavioural characteristics of the candidate that you want to hire.

Another important thing is to write about the level of experience. You should write clearly how experienced you want your perfect hire to be. Moreover, while you are making the job description, consider your budget as well, since highly experienced candidates demand higher salaries than those who do not have much experience.

2. Circulate Your Job Ad

After preparing the job description, circulate it in as many online portals as you can. You should also post it on your business website’s career page. The ad should also appear on all your business’s social media pages. This way, you will certainly be able to find the right candidate if you take time out to distribute your job ad far and wide.

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3. Use Your Professional Network

Your professional network acts as one of the best business resources. You can use it to reach out to those presently working as office managers but are not actively looking for work. They will have relevant experience, skills and you may find them willing to accept your invitation.

You can also inquire among your colleagues and friends if they know someone who will fit this role. Another option is to reach out to your contacts on social networks like LinkedIn, and you will be surprised to discover a bunch of prospective candidates for this job role.

4. Reach Out to a Boutique Recruitment Firm

You can consider this option if you want a specialised candidate with a sharp skillset as your office manager. A boutique recruitment firm does not follow a generalist approach and instead spends adequate time understanding your particular industry and requirements.

You can find a boutique recruitment firm for discovering suitable candidates for administration jobs like office manager, executive assistant, receptionist, personal assistants and the like. And such a firm excels at matching applicants with the company needs and culture. They cater to a range of business domains like media and advertising, banking and finance, professional services, FMCG, legal, and IT and consulting.

As a business grows, you can only manage to a certain extent. So, when you have a lot of running around, meetings and selling to do, it’s always a wise decision to look for someone who can oversee crucial processes. Hence, the different ways described above can help you find an office manager tailored to your unique needs quickly.