4 Important Conservatory Maintenance Tips

Conservatory Maintenance

You are probably feeling extremely proud of the UPVC conservatory you have added on your property and with great reason too. You simply cannot wait to start enjoying the immense benefits that this sun parlour has to offer. If your property has access to direct sunlight most of the day, you are sure to enjoy this modification to your residence. From having a great place to entertain guests to a serene place you can relax as you soak in the sun while enjoying your favourite read, the possibilities are endless…

However, remember that to keep your conservatory looking great, you have to carry out regular maintenance on the space. Below, the discussion will feature 4 important maintenance tips you should keep in mind.

1. Keep the Conservatory Properly Ventilated

If you are hoping to maintain your conservatory in pristine condition, ensure that is properly ventilated on a daily basis. Ventilation has two key benefits…

For starters, it helps keep the temperatures in the space at an ideal level by taking advantage of fresh air breezes and drafts of wind when the weather conditions allow it.

Secondly, ventilation also prevents air from condensing on the conservatory glass which can ruin the aesthetic appeal of your parlour.

To ensure proper ventilation, open the doors and windows to the conservatory as often as possible. If the space does not have any openings, you can add trickle vents.

2. Ensure the Space Is Properly Sealed

Another great way to keep your conservatory in prime condition is to ensure that it is properly sealed. You should apply mastic sealing on any cracks and spaces so as to ensure that your conservatory retains heat during cold months. Properly sealing your parlour will also help keep out unwanted bugs.

When cleaning the conservatory, ensure that you avoid using pressure washing equipment as it can destroy the mastic sealing.

3. Keep Your Windows Clean

The best way to maintain the aesthetics of your conservatory is to ensure that your windows are clean at all times.

Ideally, you should clean your conservatory windows at least once a week by wiping them with a damp cloth. At least once a month, you should give your windows a deep cleanse using a wet sponge, squeegee and a window cleaning product of your choice.

Ideally, when constructing your conservatory, you should use double-glazed windows since they are easier to clean compared to regular glass windows. However, even if you have installed double-glazed windows, ensure you clean them periodically.

4. Lubricate Hinges

Lastly, ensure that you lubricate all hinges and moving metal components in your conservatory regularly. On areas that have metal hinges, use oil-based lubricants.

If there are any areas that have plastic hinges, you should use aerosol-based lubricants. Remember that oil lubricants can clog plastic hinges.

Our 2 Cents?

Above, we have discussed the top conservatory maintenance tips. If you closely observe the tips discussed in this post, you can guarantee that your conservatory functions optimally and also that it remains aesthetically pleasing throughout the year no matter the season.

If you are looking to improve insulation and temperature control in your conservatory while at the same time minimizing the need for regular maintenance, consider installing double-glazed windows. Do not fret or stress on how to choose the right window size or about the installation process. We can help you out with that. Simply give us a call today so that we can discuss how we can assist you.