4 Mistakes to Avoid When Launching Your First Software Product

Mistakes to avoid when launching a software product range from poor testing practices to lacking audience and competition research. Understanding what the most common mistakes are is essential for setting your priorities during the development process. The State of Software Development Report 2017 states that 25% of tech professionals claim prioritization to be the biggest challenge for software startups. This means that only 25% of them recognize the ‘root of evil’ as setting your priorities wrong is the underlying cause of the majority of failures.

4 Basic Mistakes to Avoid During Software Development

1.      Insufficient market research

CBInsights report clearly states that 42% of all startups fail because there is no market need for them. Therefore doing a thorough market research is a mandatory requirement for your whole business to have a chance of success.

When developing software you need to not only research the market needs to identify the features your product must have. You also need to thoroughly investigate your competition and targeted audience. When studying the former, focus on their weaknesses and try to build your product and marketing campaign for it around the things not mentioned by your competitors. As for the audience, research overall interests of those people to get inspiration for design and promotion ideas.

2.      Standardized testing

The majority of mistakes to avoid when launching software is using standardized anything because your product is unique. Capita ITPS as a renowned provider of software testing services highlights the need for developing tests that meet the unique needs of the client and match the necessary level of IT maturity.

This approach enables the testing service to get the most accurate results. You will need this kind of data to make improvements that will polish your product to perfection.

3.      Building a product for IT pros only

Unless you develop a piece of software that should be used exclusively by educated IT professionals, you have to ‘simplify’ it. This mistake is very common because when you are a pro, it’s very easy to forget that an average entrepreneur won’t be able to understand the same things you do. Not only will the sales of such product be poor, an overly complex solution might generate negative reviews, which will be a serious blow to your brand’s reputation.

The best way to avoid this particular mistake is to make a demo version of the software and spread it among people you trust who match your buyer profile. Make sure to request detailed reviews from them and provide a questionnaire to show them what exactly you want their opinion on.

4.      Inconsistent SEO

Not all mistakes to avoid when launching software have to do with the software. You also need to think how you are going to market it, and this means having your website optimized for search engines. If you upload the product to some online marketplace, your account and product description must be optimized for the platform’s search solutions.

The point is not to disregard SEO in your marketing campaign as ads aren’t as effective as having your product’s website on the first page of Google search results.