5 Compelling Reasons why you Should Tap Digital Marketing

Everybody is going online nowadays. In just a few years, the online world is becoming more and more relevant to almost every aspect of daily life. Businesses also need to keep up with this trend to stay competent and sustainable. Otherwise, they will gradually collapse in the face of competitors.

Online marketing is not only for new and aspiring start-ups.  Even so-called blue-chip companies are capitalizing on online marketing to generate leads and conversions. Check out your social media, for instance. You’ll notice iconic brands filling their pages with engaging and story-telling based campaigns.

Now, let’s walk you through compelling reasons why your business needs digital marketing as part of its core strategy.

1. Targets People Where They Exchange Their Money and Time

Based on a 2018 study, the average Internet user manages at least seven social media accounts. That’s four times more compared to results five years ago. The same study also showed that 97% of US adults below 65 browse social media at least once a month, and the majority do so every day.

Many also access social media for customer support, although bigger brands usually ignore 89% of customer inquiries or requests.

Today, around 22% of the global population and 62% of Americans engage on Facebook. The more interesting part? 76% of Facebook subscribers and 51% of Instagram subscribers use the platforms every day.

The question now is, do people buy stuff from social media?

No doubt. Based on digital surveys and algorithms, one of the top reasons why people access social media is to purchase products marketed to them. They spend 37% of their access time to interact with their chosen brand or content.

Among millennials, 57% say that the ads they see on social media are more relevant to them. 48% of online customers also cited that Facebook Ads directly affected their decision to purchase.

 2. Provides a Playing Field for Small Business

We all know that when giant companies like Walmart comes to town, smaller businesses get erased off the map. When the tech giant Amazon started to boom, many giant retailers also began filing bankruptcy. It’s difficult or almost impossible to compete with the popularity and reputation of these brands as they spend millions or even billions on their marketing.

That’s where digital marketing comes to the rescue of small businesses. A similar tactic applies for personal brands, ecommerce, and brick and mortar. Digital marketing can push smaller companies to gain the upper hand. For instance, some of them managed to rank top on search results by applying techniques such as using Citation Cleanup from SerpSpace.

Digital marketing lets small businesses compete even with a smaller marketing amount. When effectively managed, it gives them a laser-focused direction to where and how they will spend their money. Having this type of control and the data to back up decisions can help you make smarter ones.

Continue learning about the significance of digital marketing. Just how it paves fairness in the tracking field becomes clear.

3. Digital Marketing Lets You Target Your Desired Audience

Traditional marketing such as a newspaper or TV broadcasts can expose your product or service to thousands or millions of people. You can also recommend the size, duration, or placement of your ad to these advertisers. You can likewise suggest the message and format.

But among the viewers, how many of them are interested in what you are advertising?  

The sad thing is, traditional marketing can sometimes be hit-and-miss. Millions may see your product, but if they’re not the right target, you failed in your marketing.

Digital marketing, however, offers a more targeted approach. Let’s say you are in a city and you want to sell homemade bags. Through digital marketing, you can dissect the city’s population and whittle them down into targeted groups. Facebook, for instance, will let you target demographics who are interested in homemade bags. In that way, you’ll get a higher chance of achieving sales at a lower cost than when you tend to target the whole population.

By targeting the right people and identifying their interests, you can also determine which type of marketing best fits them. For example, you can design your infographics in a way that captures their needs and aspirations.


4. Can Implement Highly-Personalized Approaches

As discussed earlier, digital marketing allows you to narrow your audience into targeted demographics. Even better, it lets you target down to the individual level. That is known as personalization.

Now, that is possible primarily because of email marketing. Studies show that 72% of consumers prefer to interact with businesses using email to communicate with them. If they like what you are sending them, they will sign up. But if not, they could unsubscribe.

But when you email them content that relates to their stories and problems, they remain subscribed and will continue buying. Yes, email marketing lets you build a list of a repeat lifetime customer.

While email marketing can let you market to individuals, it can do so with thousands or millions of other subscribers. So, you’re hitting the masses, but emails make it feel like you’re targeting just one. Personalized approaches make the customer that you care and want to give the value. Customers will think that you want to provide them with the best products or services. Eventually, trust builds over time. Now, that is a crucial ingredient to continued purchase.

The good thing about email marketing? It can be automated. Just set up the fundamentals, and start running it. Immediately, it starts targeting your desired audience and converts them into customers while you sleep.

By the way, there are agencies such as the Citation Cleanup from SerpSpace, which can also help you a personalized marketing approach.

5. Easy to Scale, Duplicate, and Adapt

To get traffic flowing, you need an initial investment that can sum up to a hefty amount. But digital marketing lets you scale up quickly at minimal or even zero cost.

When runningFacebook campaigns, for example, you can select how much to spend. From that, you are aware of how much a campaign will cost you. You can start from the minimum required. When you see that your ad is generating good results, you don’t have to start again to negotiate for an extension. You can do so by just adding the amount required. Your reach increases as you place more. Everything is automated.

If you received a large order from a customer and therefore, need to downgrade, you can easily do that.

Through digital marketing, you can launch or relaunch and repeat the process without spending too much time and effort.