5 Steps to Spring Cleaning Your Windows

As summer rolls around, you get to enjoy the full blast of warm sunshine into your home. You can draw the curtains out and let the light in, while you sit in your favorite nook and enjoy the calm summer breeze. When you look at the windows, all you see are hard water stains, mold and mildew, dirt and grime and the moment is ruined in an instant.

Clean, clear and sparkling windows help improve the amount of light and ventilation into your home, as well as increase the house’s overall appeal and appearance. And here are the best practices for keeping your windows spic and span this summer.

  1. Clean The Screen And Blinds

Over the course of winter, your windows may have accumulated a good amount of hard water stains, bird dropping, and dirt that have built up and solidified. Additionally, pollen from nearby plants may stick to the windows. Start the cleanup by removing as much dirt and debris from the screens and blinds as you can with a vacuum upholstery attachment before dampening the windows with a cleaning solution.

2. Clean The Panes With A Squeegee

Professional window cleaning Katy contractors swear by the squeegee as the best cleaning equipment for the windows. Spray the cleaning solution into the panes and wipe with a squeegee in a reverse-S motion. Work your way from the top of the glass to the bottom. Make sure to wipe off the excess solution from the blades of the squeegee with a lint-free rag at the end of each stroke before using it again. If you like to do it the eco-friendly way, you can opt to mix white vinegar and warm water and use it as a cleaning solution.

3. Wipe Left-over Water And Cleaning Solution With Microfiber Cloth

You might notice some smudges of water left by the squeegee from the previous step. To achieve sparkling clean and clear window panes, you will need a microfiber cloth. The microfiber cloth is used to clean the lens of eyeglasses, and they’re usually available in most pharmacies. Spray some water into the fabric and rub into the smudges on the panes. Repeat this process if necessary until the panes are crystal clear.

4. Use The Newspapers Correctly

The newspaper is a traditional cleaning material for windows, but you have to be careful in using it. Indeed, the newspaper can remove smears and streaks left behind by water and cleaning solution. However, if your windows have white or wood trimmings, avoid the paper at all cost. Newspapers do prevent streaks, but they can also stain white and window frames and give them a dirty look.

5. Clean Regularly

Windows are bound to get dirty all throughout the year and cleaning them at least once a month will reduce the amount of grime and debris build-up, which give the windows a murky and hazy look. The longer you postpone cleaning the windows, the more will dirt, bird droppings, mold, and mildew will accumulate and make them even tougher to remove.


Clean windows are essential to your home’s overall appeal. Don’t leave dirty windows unattended for a long time as you will have to enforce a lot of elbow grease to clean them up. It’s easier to maintain windows if you include them in your regular cleaning schedule, and you’ll find that the windows will always be pretty to look at all the time.