7 Tips to Avoid Distractions in RRB Exam Preparation

7 Tips to Avoid Distractions in RRB Exam Preparation

It is no misconception that Railway exams are tough ones and devoted candidates need to put in sufficient hours to crack the exam. Studying for an exam can be a very daunting task especially in the beginning. To keep one’s focus for such long hours for months on end, in this article we talk about a few tips on how to keep distractions at bay during your RRB Exam Preparation preparation period.

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Tips to Overcome Distractions While Preparing for RRB Exams

  1. A suitable quiet place to study: Studying for Railway exams can be both difficult and stressful, and you may find your mind wandering frequently whenever you try to sit and study. To really focus on studying, find a quiet place to study which already has no distractions so that you do not have extra work on your hands.
  2. Short breaks in between: Taking breaks is an important part of the preparation of any exam. You can increase your efficiency by taking short breaks in between your studies. When you feel you can’t take any more studies, do not try to sit through another hour of reading. It would be a waste of time and energy. When your brain is tired and cannot take more things inside, it is better to take a short break and relax.  You can also plan your breaks with alarms.
  3. Study groups can help to focus: Having a study partner is a great idea, as you can pass ideas to each other, and see things from a different perspective. You should always select someone who you think is smarter than you, who is dedicated and is okay teaching you. Your study sessions will be more productive. Choose a study group that has people who are sensible and focused like yourself on the same task. Do not choose your best friend all the time for this purpose, as you may affect your concentration by chatting when you should be studying. as yourself.
  4. Avoid excessive usage of the internet: the Internet can be a very distracting thing, if not used right. So, either turn your computer and mobiles off or turn away from it.
  5. Keep munchies handy: We often run around looking for something to eat the moment we start sitting for studies. This consumes a lot of our time, so it is advisable to keep snacks handy whenever you need them. Carry fruits, energy bars, juice/ water etc. to keep your energy levels up. You must also avoid coffee and other caffeinated drinks as you would crash sooner or later.
  6. Don’t go off the topic: We all find ourselves going off-topic from time to time. It’s because sometimes the information we learn is boring or the information we don’t need to know is very exciting. Whatever it is, you simply rank the information from the most likely to the least likely and devote the majority of your time on the most likely topics.
  7. Do not Stress – Looking at the pile of books and the amount of information to be gathered, you might sometimes feel stressed and panicky. When you panic you make mistakes, so keep calm throughout your preparation. Push yourself harder and motivate yourself with a reward even for the smallest of accomplishments.

Remember that no exam is conducted to scare you. Enjoy your preparation time and do not have any fear of the exam. Keep calm and stay focused. Follow the given tips and avoid all the hurdles coming in your way to the dream career.

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