A Quick Overview About IQOS – 5 Important Things to Know

A Quick Overview About IQOS – 5 Important Things to Know

Believed to be an acronym of ‘I Quit Original Smoking’, IQOS is like an e-cigarette that is mainly developed as an alternative for adult smokers. If you have a desire to enjoy real tobacco taste, without the smoke or combustion of cigarettes, then IQOS might be the best solution for you.

However, one thing must be noted that IQOS is not suitable for ex-smokers or non-smokers. It is merely invented by keeping active and chain smokers in mind who would otherwise continue to smoke.

Here are mentioned 5 important elements to know about the IQOS before actually adding the same to your collection.

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Iqos Uses Compatible Sticks to Heat the Real Tobacco

This pen-shaped device looks like an e-cigarette but it works on totally a different principle. They make the use of real tobacco instead of flavor ones. Moreover, they generally use sophisticated electronics to heat the real tobacco in compatible sticks, known as HEETS to around 350-degree Celcius without combustion, fire, or smoke.

They Emit 95% Less Harmful Chemicals Than the Traditional Cigarette

The second major thing to know about IQOS before trying the same is that it emits 95% less harmful chemicals as compared to the traditional cigarette in a tested environment and thus, a bit safe to consume. Since there is no burning, the levels of harmful chemicals are reduced as compared to cigarette smoke.

It mainly gives the sensation of smoking with the exhales of the smoke-free vapor. This high-tech product gives an authentic smoking-like experience to adult smokers and motivates them to switch from harmful cigarettes to harmless IQOS.

Absolutely Convenient to Use

These sophisticated and new-gen products are highly convenient to use. It makes the transition from cigarettes much more than manageable than expected. Moreover, you can easily carry them wherever you want without creating any hassle. It has the ability to mimic the action of smoking and lets you enjoy the satisfying nicotine hit without inhaling the harmful smoke.

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They Are Available at A Highly Affordable Price

Yet another thing that makes this high-tech unit worth giving a try is its affordable price. They are available at a pocket-friendly rate and thus, you can easily invest in the same without costing a dime.

Coming at a budget-friendly rate, IQOS offers great value for money and protects the regular smoker from combustion and fumes.

Not Suitable for Non-Smokers

Although these heat-not-burn products work by heating the tobacco and produce fewer chemicals as compared to the regular cigarette; however, it is not suitable and intended for the non-smokers. This is because it uses real tobacco and nicotine which is an addictive substance to consume.

So, if you are a non-smoker or have quit smoking, then IQOS is not for you.


IQOS is a new-gen cigarette product that appeals to youth and adult smokers alike. Go for this high-tech unit right away to enjoy the true and authentic taste of heated tobacco.