Anti-Phishing Measures You Can Do To Prevent Attacks

The advancement of the technology has brought to the world a number of great things. From the development of social media to the advancement sin the field of engineering and medicine, technology has truly given humanity a lot to cherish.

Unfortunately criminals have also seen technology as an opportunity to further develop their schemes and a great example to that is the emergence of cybercrime. Cybercrime pertains to the criminal offenses carried out online or with the help of the internet.


One of the biggest and relatively slyest cybercrimes out there is called phishing. Phishing is the cybercrime that has the ultimate goal of grabbing sensitive information from you such as personal details, account information, and more for the obvious reason of using them to either prey on you or directly use the details to access you valuables.

Phishing can be avoided through several of things and here are some of them:

  1. Know How to Spot Phishing Sites

A big part of antiphishing measures will fall on your personal knowledge regarding the topic. Phishing sites and phishing scams target those who can be easily fooled on the internet and if you do not know your way around your browser then you might just be their next victim. There are various ways to spot phishing sites from reviewing the email sender of a link to reading the kink link itself.

  1. Getting a Good Antivirus and Antiphising Software

If you think that by knowing how to spot phishing sites you are already smarter than hackers themselves, well, think again. Everyday hackers are finding new ways to outsmart you and sometimes basic knowledge regarding the topic could only get you so far.

With that said the next antiphishing tip that you could do is to ask for the help of antivirus programs that can detect phishing better than you. A lot of antivirus programs out there are already equipped with antiphishing features that can really come in handy.

If you ever doubt about investing on a trusted program, just think about how little this amount will cause you as compared to when you lose your bank account to a phishing scam already.

  1. Stop Trusting so Easily and Start Being Vigilant

Not everything in the internet can be trusted and if you have not yet learned that the hard way then you may want to consider following this tip already. Phishing sites and scams can be incredibly disguised as trustworthy and if you are the type of person to believe right away in things like this then you are surely an impending phishing victim. Think before you click and verify everything before you type any sensitive information.