Banker Virtual Card for Business

Banker Virtual Card for Business


Today the world is full of new ideas, new options, technologies and creations. In recent years, especially in times of Covid-19, people are more attracted to use Online type of banking and manage their account in the virtual world. However because of huge competition in this sphere, the issue of trust is still one of the significant points among users and especially among businesses and companies. In this short article we decided to introduce the as one of the Modern bank accounts that have special services for Businesses and offers some alternative ways for the improvement of business.

Bankera for Business

Businesses and companies usually need some specific services that can help them to improve or in some cases to survive. Bankera offers special business account that allows companies to have their specific IBANs for sending and receiving money from customers or other companies. Also it provides service of payment in different currencies with perfect exchange rates; Additionally There are possibilities of making local and international bank payments, also provides debit and credit cards for any payment process and the significant feature of Bankera for Businesses is that it provides services with digital and virtual format. With all mentioned services, Businesses can feel comfortable and also be inside of a secure atmosphere. Bankera also offers the special Loans for Business account that can be used in Invoice financing and Business growth processes. However there is a special loan by Bankera that is provided in Covid-19 time for businesses that are harmed and need quick recovery. Should be mentioned that the process of having any type of loans are very fast, secure, simple and totally in online format.

Virtual Card for Business 

Bankera allows Businesses and companies to have debit or credit cards that linked to the company’s IBAN and in this case everything is very clear and easy to understand. The important point about this service is that cards are available in both physical and virtual format. In physical format for sure the situation is more clear for users and it is easier in some ways; However in Virtual type of card, as one of the new ideas among banks and financial management, the use of card is more simple and easier then before. I should mention that in Virtual card, Bankera offers two type, Business and Business Plus, that both provide special services but with different quality and fees. The main point is that Business plus cards are more useful for high risk companies in the UK and European Economic Area, so there can be more fees but it provides specific services for these types of industries.


Definitely the idea of making Virtual cards especially for businesses with specific services, is something that made Bankera more popular and favorable among customers. However the future updates and features will make competition between banking services more harder than before and customers will face many new abilities than before.