Best Maintenance For Mobility Scooter Batteries

Best Maintenance For Mobility Scooter Batteries

Mobility scooter batteries typically last about 300 to 400 cycles or are done in about two to three years. If your mobility scooter isn’t taking you as far as it used to, the battery may need to be replaced. One big sign to watch out for is when the battery loses its ability to charge much faster than it used to.

Replace The Old Battery

Research by the US Department of Energy shows that over time, batteries lose energy due to a chemical reaction that takes place.  What happens is that the charge cycle forms crystals, and the more you charge, the more the capacity and performance decreases. So, if you still haven’t changed the battery in 400 charge cycles, it’s time to replace it.

Locate The Portable Scooter Battery Indicator

In the owner’s manual for your particular mobility scooter, you will find directions for the location of the battery indicator or battery gauge. The battery indicator is usually digital, and the ammeter is a needle, with an orange needle or digital LED.

The best way to check your stats is to stop the mobility scooter but keep it in the “on” position. This usually helps to turn on the light or move the orange needle into the correct position.

Mobile Scooter Battery Test

Now that you know where the battery indicator is, it’s time to check the battery. Observe the indicator when the throttle is stationary. You must ensure that the battery is fully charged during the test.

Drive your heavy duty mobility scooter on a horizontal plane while observing the indicator. If the needle or LED quickly turns off during travel, the battery is low and needs to be replaced.  Another way to test the battery is to drive the scooter uphill or uphill which consumes more power.

At the top of the slope, look at the battery indicator. If the charge is almost full, halfway or less, the battery should be replaced.

Check The Charger

When batteries lose power, it is mainly due to age or because they have been overused. Sometimes it can also be caused by the charger.

Chargers also age and when they fail, they don’t charge the battery either. You should test the charger by measuring the charging time. If it takes a while, it’s a sign that the charger may be starting to fail.

Another tip is to put the charger in a different electrical outlet to make sure the problem is not with any electrical parts attached to that outlet. To test, use a completely different socket. This will help you know if the battery is charging faster than it was in the previous outlet.

With this test you will be able to see if you need a new battery charger or if the problem is with your outlet.

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