Best prepaid recharge plans under Rs 100

Best prepaid recharge plans under Rs 100

Gradually we are being more and more dependent on mobile phones. Be it buying clothes, sending money, or ordering food, we depend on the internet. Because of the increasing demand, a war has been started between all the telecom companies. Every telecom company is trying to offer more facilities in order to get new customers. They are constantly updating their services and launching new plans to maintain their rank. Airtel, Jio, Vi, BSNL, are some of the top-ranked telecom giants dominating the market for years now. Each is giving a tough competition to the other.

All the companies offer us numerous plans that can cater to the needs of every type of customer. They have top-up plans, monthly plans, annual plans, add-ons, and many more. Sometimes, it becomes very difficult for us to choose one from all the available packs.

There are basically three types of customers in the market. The first type includes heavy consumers. They make a lot of calls and consume a huge amount of data on daily basis. So, they need bonus packs. Then there are moderate users, who opt for reasonable packs. They need all the basic facilities and choose a medium-range plan. The third type includes limited users. They only use the minimum benefits. So, they recharge their phones with the lowest plans. All the telecom companies launch different schemes that can serve the needs of all three types of consumers.

Prepaid recharge plans under Rs 100

There are many recharge plans that are cheap but beneficial. All the best below 100 Rs plans are listed here.

  • Airtel Rs.48 plan

This is one of the best Airtel recharge plans. This is a data-only pack. So you get 3 GB of high-speed data with this pack. You can use it for 28 days.

  • Airtel Rs.98 plan

With this pack, the user gets 12 GB of data for 28 days. This is also a data-only pack.

  • Vi Rs.48 plan

This pack offers you 3 GB of high-speed data for 28 days. If you are recharging this plan with a web app or phone, you get 200 MB of additional data for free.

  • Vi Rs.98 plan

Vi recharge is a double data pack. The user gets 12 GB of high-speed data for 28 days with this pack.

  • Jio Rs.101 plan

This is a 4G data pack so you can enjoy high-speed data with this pack. You get 12 GB of data along with 1362 IUC minutes with this plan.

  • Jio Rs.51 plan

With this plan, one gets 6 GB high-speed 4G data along with 656 IUC minutes.

  • BSNL Rs.95 plan

With this plan, one gets 3 GB of high-speed data for 90 days. You also get 100 minutes of free voice calls to all local and national networks.

So, these are all the below 100 recharge plans. To recharge your mobile with these plans, you can use Airtel Payments Bank. So, recharge your mobiles with these plans and enjoy the facilities.