Bill O’ Reilly’s Net Worth And His Journalist History

William James O’ Reilly Jr. (September 10, 1949) is a New York City born American journalist, television host and an author. From 1989 to 1995 he was the famous anchor of the tabloid television program, ‘Inside Edition’. He also joined the Fox News channel and being an awesome host of ‘The O’Reilly Factor’, which was the highest rated cable news  show for 16 years. Sir. Howard Kurtz described him as “The biggest star in the 20 year history at Fox News” at the time of his departure. He has even hosted The Radio Factor from 2002 to 2009. He has written several nonfiction books, of which “Killing Kennedy” and “Killing Lincoln” are notable works.

Have you ever wondered the salary of a political commentator?

The New York times listed that 10 if Bill’s books have reached No.1 and have welcomed producers to adapt those into movies. He was privileged to be a coveted guest and a prolific speaker on other talk shows. According to the Celebrity net worth and as per data of April 2017 he had a net worth of $85 million, which ultimately makes him one among the wealthiest political pundits of the world.

Life History

His career took a major turn when the report given by New York Times revealed that Bill has bribed half a dozen women for nearly $50 million regarding sexual harassment lawsuits. It was only after two deep investigations New York Times found Bill’s dark secrets and fired him from the job. Bill was dropped by United Talent Agency after the revelation of his sixth settlement to a woman.  Currently he has joined ‘No Spin News podcast’ after getting fired from Fox.

Known for

Despite having issues regarding sexual harassment lawsuits, Bill O’ Reilly, focused on helping people with the true identities of politicians. He always had news and commentary related to politics and culture. Bill believes that the truth does not have labels.  The famous statement that he gave in one of his interview is, “When I see corruption, I try to expose it. When I see exploitation, I try to fight it. That’s my political position”.  However, after this notable speech he joined the ‘Republic Party’ and when inquired about it, he defended saying that he registered as an independent only after the interview.

Political/ Business Affiliations

Even after Bill O’ Reilly joining the Republic party, people viewed him only as a conservative figure. O’Reilly is considered to be a good conservative commentator, although some of his activities differ from conservative Orthodoxy. A research poll conducted on February 2009 found that 3% of his show viewers are liberal, 24% are moderate and 66% of them see themselves as conservatives. He has also been a figure of inspiration for famous personalities such as, comedian Stephen Colbert. Bill was the only inspiration for Stephen Colbert’s satirical character on the Comedy Central Show. You can also find his contributions on many other television and news outlets like Fox News and occasionally being mentioned on the Drudge Report.


All through his life, Bill has been a good conservative political commentator and has spoken to the people pointing the political issues and news in the society. He has earned the National Academy of Television Arts and Governor’s Award at an Emmy awards show.  This makes him a notable person in the journalism department.