Buying & Selling Homes in California

California is home to one of the largest real estate markets you can find. Whether you are in the southern or northern part of the state, prices continue to skyrocket and the market is booming. Soaring prices are a downfall for buyers, but sellers could not soak up the crazy market anymore than they are right now.

If you live in California and are searching for a career path we would highly suggest that you take advantage of the housing market and consider a career in real estate. While it is a bit more difficult than you might think to get your real estate license, there are great resources available, like California Real Estate Exam Prep, that make it totally doable for you to achieve.


If you are looking to buy property in California you should be on top of your game and be prepared for the prices that are going to shock you when you start the hunt. One of the things you should do is consider what your priorities are. You have to prioritize things like location, size, and convenience very carefully. Those three items are really going to determine how much home you can afford and where you can afford to purchase it.

You are also going to need a really good real estate agent on your side. It is easy as a single buyer to be taken advantage of in the market. Without the extensive knowledge that a real estate agent has to help you make decisions and know what is right and what is not, you are putting yourself in a position to be taken advantage of.


Because the market has become so filled with real estate agents hungry to get their piece of the pie in California, you need to be very on top of your game. You can not expect to be a sub-par agent and make yourself a successful career. If you are not great at your job, your clients are going to go and hire someone else to take care of your case.

You are also going to have to really market your services. If you want to be found amongst other realtors you have to make yourself available and market what it is that you are good at. While it is helpful to work for an agency, they can not market you as well as you are able to. Be sure to share your successes with others so you can grow your clientele.


Speaking of clientele, they are one of your best assets. You’ve heard it before and you are likely going to continue to hear it for a great deal of time, connections are so important for you to build if you want to be successful. The better you are at building connections, the more houses you are ultimately going to sell. Not only are you going to be able to sell more homes, but you are going to be able to sell better deals all the time. Connections almost always lead to big deals for you to close. You would be silly if you didn’t take advantage of the opportunity to build your pipeline of connections through past clients.