Buying Tips for Portable Bluetooth Speakers

Buying Tips for Portable Bluetooth Speakers

The wireless speakers help to connect the music player without using the cables, this can be done by pairing the device such as your mobile or computer with the loudspeaker. For this, you need your wireless network, Wi-Fi, or Bluetooth. Let us see the buying tips for portable Bluetooth speakers

Lightweight Compact System

Any portable equipment should be lightweight and compact for you to easily carry in the luggage bag. Many companies have developed Bluetooth speaker which is lightweight and compact, as to fit inside your bag comfortably.

Quality of the Sound

Sound quality for the speaker is one of the vital factors when choosing the speaker. The parameter that you need to look for when buying quality speakers are:

 Output power

The watts emitted by the speaker, related to the sound pressure in decibels or volume. 15 to 20 watts would be adequate to get close to 80dB volume.

 Frequency range 

Next, check for the range of frequencies emitted from the device. The human ear is capable of perceiving 20Hz to 20,000 Hz sound, which is the audible spectrum. The greater the range of frequencies that the Bluetooth speaker can cover the clear sound will be perceived.

Sound system

Every system will have channels or the speakers that will emit the sound; for instance – 5 full-range speakers and one subwoofer for bass – 5.1. Bluetooth speaker commonly consists of wither system, which is two full-range speakers.


Lower impedance offers the best quality of the sound.  The Disc will help you find this for you, Visit our online store and check the collection we have for you.

Battery Back up

Check the battery backup for the speaker you are planning to buy. The ones that can be used to play music for up to 10 hours or at least 6 hours are the best. Also, check for the charging time.


Next, check for the Bluetooth versions. The modern speaker is equipped with the Bluetooth version – 4.0 or 5.0. You may face the pairing problem when using older versions. Checking the compatibility with lower Bluetooth versions up to the A2DP is one of the solutions Some brands are also equipped with USB or micro USB output connection which can be used to charge the speaker and avoid any compatibility issues.


Ensure that you can manage the Bluetooth speaker comfortably. For this check for the ones that have fewer controls on the speaker with some basic functions such as the power button, play/pause button, volume controller and the pairing button is all you need to have in the portable speaker.


Check for the waterproof electronics, as you could be using it for partying, think about how you are going to use your speaker. The true waterproof system should not just be splash-proof. Check if the speaker has the float or sink to bottom option. We price match all DJ stores in the UK for the best quality speakers, so you really can’t get better than what we offer.

Multi-Room Access

When one speaker is not sufficient, wireless technologies like the Bluetooth and WiFi can be utilised for multiple room audio setup. Multiple speakers can be paired for the greater sound through the integration into multiple room system.