Changing Air Filters – A Crucial Aspect of Office Maintenance

When considering effective means to ensure a safe and clean work environment, indoor air pollution is a crucial aspect to take into account. Office spaces are usually cramped, and the public areas are ideal environments for allergens and bacteria to take hold. One effective approach of combating dust and airborne particles is to opt for and install superior quality air filters for the office and ensure to change them out on a frequent basis.

Health Advantages Of Superior Quality AC Filters

As per the Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA), more than 60 million Americans suffer from asthma or allergies. Chances are that someone in your office has asthma or allergies and therefore it is vital for you to take every extra step you can to have a cleaner and fresh airspace that eventually helps you boost productivity, and even give your office the benefit of hiring top-level employees. Everyone deserves to breathe clean, fresh and better. The chances of being exposed to harmful pollutants are high enough while people are in the public, choosing a quality AC filter is a small yet highly effective step to make sure that the air inside your office is as clean and fresh as possible.

According to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), 90% of the Americans spend most of their time in offices, and that air pollutants can be a lot worse than outside. Opting for a strong and efficient air filter will greatly reduce the pollutants to which the employees get exposed to. Having superior quality filters aid filter out dust pollen, animal dander and dust mites and the best ones even capture harmful chemical vapors, viruses, bacteria and prevent them from reentering the office air.

Financial Advantages of Proper Air Filter Maintenance

Furthermore to health advantages, there are financial advantages to having high-quality air filters and changing them regularly. Time lost to breathing issues and sickness can be decreased, and if employees breathe better, they certainly feel better.

Practical Solution to Improving Office Air Quality

You must get the air filters changes on a regular basis and according to the specifications to allow air-conditioning and heating units to work more efficiently than if they are not changed accurately. Clogged filters will make the units work harder and hence drain more energy, and the units with ineffective and weak filters will allow dirt and dust to pass through, damaging the unit and shortening its lifespan. With a proficient office maintenance service, you do not have to worry about air filter replacements. Professionals’ sign up for an automatic filter replacement program that helps keep up with changing their air filters in the office on a regular basis.

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