Common Mistakes Made In Save The Date Postcards

The Date Postcards

Sending a save the date postcard is a great way to notify your wedding guests about your wedding date so that they make the necessary plans on time. However, there are some easy mistakes that people tend to make when making their save the date invites. Those mistakes are discussed below:

1. Sending the Cards too Late

The earlier your guests know about your wedding date, the higher the chances of them making it to your event. If you send your cards too late, some people might not be able to attend. Normally, the best time to start sending out your save the dates is anywhere from 6 to 12 months. This way your guests will have ample time to ask for some time off from work, book accommodation, make travel arrangements, and so on.

2. Failing to Make the Cards Personal

Your save the date postcard does not need to exactly match the theme of your wedding – you might not even know the theme you want at this point. The idea is to make the save the dates personal to you and your spouse-to-be to ensure that your invitees will not easily forget your chosen wedding date. You can make the card personal by maybe using an engagement photo of you both, or anything else that immediately shows you are deeply in love and ready to tie the knot.

3. Excluding Plus Ones

If you want some of your single guests to bring their plus ones to your wedding, add this information to your save the dates. This will allow them to make the necessary arrangements for accommodation, transport, etc. The earlier they are notified the better.

4. Failing to Include the Location

At this early planning stage, you might not know the specific venue yet. However, you should have an idea of the city, state or country where you want to hold your wedding ceremony, and state this on the save the date invites. If you have always been a resident of New York City and you send a save the date postcard, your invitees might assume that is where you are holding the event, but that might not be the case.

The Date Postcards

5. Adding too many details

Yes, save the date postcards provide you with a chance to show your creativity and be fun, but don’t do that excessively. Your concentration should be more on stating clearly your names, the wedding date, and the location. If you have a wedding website address, add that too. Keep your message short and sweet. There’s no need for a ceremony map or a wedding schedule on a save the date postcard, save such details for the formal invite.

6. Asking Guests to send an RSVP

You only ask for an RSVP on the formal invitation, not on the save the dates postcard. This postcard is just a notice; therefore do not ask for an RSVP.

7. Sending Save the Dates When it is not Really Necessary

Given that you are planning to have a destination wedding or getting married during a holiday weekend send save the date postcards; otherwise save your money for other important things.

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