Why Should You Consider MATE if you are Looking Around for a Broadband Plan?

Just as the name suggests, Mate really wants to be ‘mates’ with you, and thus offers you services of top notch quality. Initially, the company was known by the name, Barefoot Telecom, but the two providers separated, and then emerged Mate.

Mate offers a wide range of NBN plans including fixed wireless, fibre to the premises (FTTP) and fibre to the node (FTTN) connections.  In case, NBN isn’t available in your area yet, Mate will still cover you through ASDL+2 plans.  A VoIP phone service can simply be added to any plan that you select. Also, all services are offered on a monthly basis, and there are no contracts to sign.  If your needs change, you can easily switch to any other more suitable plan. And when you do, Mate doesn’t require you to pay any switch fees, or charge you any activation rates when you sign up for their plans.

Mate, has thus, become a preferred broadband provider for many consumers in Australia. If you are interested in signing up, do check out reviews on various internet websites such as www.comparetv.com.au to ensure that you are making a good decision.

ADSL Plans

The most distinguishing feature of Mate is probably the fact that they offer unlimited data for all their plans. Their configurations are also fairly simple.  All of Mate’s ADSL plans make use of the Telstra network, which is the biggest in Australia, so you go enjoy good coverage.

The City Mates ADSL plan starts from $49, whereas the Country Mates plan starts from $59.

ADSL2+ Plans

ADSL2+ pals are of two types, and the pricier one of these offers you a better value for your money.  The standalone connection features unlimited volume, but doesn’t come with a line rental, so you have to source it from another provider, operating on the Telstra network.

You can alternatively also go with Mate’s home phone plans, but then you have to pay $20 more. Still the deal is worth it because you enjoy unlimited calls (both local and national). Mobile calls are charged at 40c per minute.

NBN Plans

Mate’s offered NBN plans can be divided into four types, based on the speed: NBN 1, NBN 25, NBN 50 and NBN 100. These plans start at monthly rates of $59, $69, $89 and $99, respectively.  All these plans offer the no lock-in contract feature, no activation fee, and no charges if you switch to another plan. You also have the option of using your own modem, and if you want to use Mate’s, then you have to pay an additional $149 for an AC1600. The modem is compatible with NBN plans, and capable of supporting speeds in gigabytes.

Please keep in mind that the four plans mentioned above are only standalone, and do not offer any call related features.  If you want VoIP, you have to pay an extra $9 per month.

So should you sign up for any of Mate’s plans? Do try them out. They offer  a value that hardly any other provider can match up to.