How To Cool Your Home In Summer

Hot days are not easy to handle but for some of us, it can be a real challenge when it comes to cooling. The heat can be very dangerous especially for the elderly, the sick and children. How can you cool your home effectively?

The most effective way of cooling is certainly the use of air conditioners, according to AIC Group Canada. However, be aware that older air conditioning systems need extraordinary amounts of electricity for their operation and are often a great place for bacteria and do not perform their work more than they should. When buying an air-conditioning system make sure you buy an economical one.

In addition, make sure that the windows are closed during the day, but make sure to open them during night to ventilate the home. When there is too much sunlight coming from the windows, protect them with blinds or other shading. In summer, try as little as possible to use devices that produce heat and humidity, in particular, dishwasher and washing machine, iron and hairdryer as well as long showers can moisturize the air.

How can one have a good night’s sleep during hot summer nights?

The heat also brings sleepless nights. High temperatures bring warm air, and we often sleep less. Nights can be therefore slightly cooler with a few simple tricks:

Close the curtains during the day. This will prevent the entry of hot sunlight in the home.

Get rid of the excess blankets and hats, which can only heat your body. Instead, use a cotton sheet, which will at the same time cool you and protect your skin. Those who have sensitive lumbar region, should cover the area around the kidneys. If you are not allergic, the sheet can be replaced with a blanket, stuffed with duck feathers, which regulates the temperature.

Rather than lying in bed in your underwear, wear thin cotton pajamas. Natural fabric absorbs sweat, making you sweat less during the night.

Before bedtime treat yourself with a refreshing cold shower or bath, as this will slightly lower the body temperature.
In summer, it is important to drink plenty of fluids, especially in the evening because they will lower your body temperature and refresh you. Always keep a glass of water beside the bed.

Through the day avoid drinking a great quantity of caffeine, alcohol, or eating excessive meals. Alcohol and caffeine will dehydrate the body, and heavy meals won’t let you sleep.

Before going to bed put your pillow in the fridge or freezer for a few minutes.
Before going to bed turn on the fan. If it is really hot, you can place a tray with ice and water in front of the fan.

These are just some simple ways to “survive” through hot summer days and nights. The most important thing is not to expose yourself to direct sunlight when it is really hot.