Customised Metal Fabrications in Australia: Their Advantages and Applications In The Industry

Customised Metal Fabrications in Australia: Their Advantages and Applications In The Industry

Metal fabrications have been in use throughout Australia ever since the advent of the industrial and machine age. Factors that contributed to its demand attributed to the fact that readymade metal sheets and parts were constantly wasted and additionally, some of the parts never fit according to the demanded specifications and measurements. Seeking the services of industries that deal with custom metal fabrications became the new norm as it was not only cost-effective but also made use of every part. Add to that the growing requirements for a wide variety of fields from construction and automobiles to medicinal and agricultural purposes, readymade metallic sheets were no longer viable.

For custom fabrications, stainless steel continues to be the most popular choice followed by copper and aluminium. Alloys and composite metals are also used for complex environments and titanium is prevalent in Australia’s aerospace industry. To understand why custom fabrications are highly sought after, take a look at some of their best benefits:

  • Advanced Precision: The process allows metals to be shaped in any way according to the measurements stated by the manufacturer. Prefabricated parts are always a nuisance when it comes to complex mechanical parts and design and fabrication allows clients to customise metals according to the hardware specific to their brand and company  This allows for more complicated designs that are otherwise impossible to make using readymade metal sheets. Moreover, most fabrication companies use modern techniques such as water jets and laser cutting to cut clean parts out of the larger metal without distorting its texture or its shape. Most of this equipment is top-notch considering the quality and also the turnaround time.
  • Cost-Effective: Fabrication gives clients the right amount of metals that they require instead of ordering a bulk amount and losing money. Not only is this profitable considering the clients and customers but it also prevents any unnecessary wastage of metals. Sweet deals and discounts are also available for regular customers who make use of these services and for the most part, clients can even get more for the same price.

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  • Durable Parts: Metals that are custom fabricated are from stronger alloys that can stand the test of time. There are even metals that are resistant to extreme temperature and chemicals that can be incorporated into machine parts to improve their lifespan. Consequently, they reduce the need for expensive maintenance works in the future.
  • Make Use Of Old Equipment: There are always cases when old or worn-out equipment and machine parts still work well if they are salvaged and restored. Making use of custom metal fabrications can bring their working devices back to their pristine conditions in no time. They also work well for different engineering processes like dismantling a piece of equipment or reverse engineering a mechanical device.

Applications of Custom Metal Fabrication:

  • Aerospace Industries: Commercial planes, military drones and cargo helicopters, all require fabricated metals for strength and viability.
  • Transports: Trains, trucks, cargo ships and boats that travel across channels to deliver goods and passengers are built using metals that are custom fabricated. This is to ensure that the parts fit well with the designs and do not buckle under stress.
  • Construction Industry: Large corporate buildings to smaller homes, custom fabricated parts are what makes it’s core foundational strength.
  • Mining: From hundreds of tools to a wide variety of machines, all these require metal parts that are fabricated according to specific measurements.
  • Australia’s Energy Sector: Oil, solar, wind, thermal, tidal and every other energy sector in the country makes use of such metals to build industries and working equipment.