Differences Between Shared vs. Managed WordPress Hosting

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The hot press community has mostly talked about the shared vs. managed WordPress hosting for a very long time now. It has been so much talked about that this term is nowhere new to us it is in multiple hosting reviews, surveys, or comparisons. Many interesting facts about the view and opinion and from the various sides of the barricade have come across. The pitting of the managed and shared hosting however is not simple as it looks.

Here we shall talk about what both developers and everyday users mean when they speak about shared and managed WordPress hosting.

The debate about the shared vs. managed WordPress hosting comes down to add WordPress-specific services and the performance tweaks leading to managed WordPress hosting. The managed WordPress hosting is like a janitor service for the WordPress site. The regular shared hosting leaves work to the humans when it comes to WordPress optimization, backup, and more.

Not of The Different Heredity

The shared and WordPress are not of different heredity, when developers speak about these two simultaneously they are using the term interchangeable with cheap hosting generic.

The hosts offering: managed services or “managed platform” generally fall under the list of managed WordPress hosts. also Check best VPS Hosting

  • In shared hosting, the site “shares” the resources with the other sites of the same server

The Managed WordPress service refers to the addition of services and performances, residing on the top of regular hosting.

  • The shared hosting is where the hosts try to keep the cost low and efficient by cramming the different websites. The shared hosting serves a purpose, it enables you to host multiple sites at the same rate.
  • The rates involved in the case of Managed WordPress may be slightly higher than that of the shared hosting as it provides better and faster configuration.
  • The hosts are allowed to do unlimited advertisements and do not have a hard cap on the number of visits on the site.
  • In shared hosting, the main concentration being paid to cutting costs rather than boosting performance, thus its performance might be a bit slow.
  • In shared hosting, the time the site takes to load can be a bit higher as you will be sharing resources and your site might get affected by what is happening in the other site.
  • The managed WordPress has configuration optimized for every configuration and helps to load the site much faster.

Making The Decision and Choosing the Right One

The choice between shared hosting and managed word press hosting is slightly difficult as both hosts play the right role in their place. If you are planning for something with a quick loading speed and working over the site with the higher and better configuration it is suggested to choose managed WordPress, it is the best at its place. The availability of entry-level managed WordPress hosting is made much easier and is available at the same place you will get shared hosts.

The choice of hosts depends on what function your website performs and what configuration you desire, while making the choice, get the function proper and choose the right one fulfilling your server.