Do Not Make Advertising The Priority When Handing Out Free Merchandise

At least once a year, you decide to hand out free items to your loyal customers and target audience. It is an excellent idea if you want to attract their attention. These things are promotional merchandise since their goal is to help endear your company to the public. Most businesses do not mind spending money on branded merchandising because they know they will get a lot of profits in the end.

It is a terrible mistake if you also think this way. You need to be cautious about expecting the items that you give out will instantly double the number of people who will buy your products. Instead of thinking about how you can use these things for advertising, the primary goal should be to express gratitude. Advertising will come later. When the recipients feel like they want to return the favour and buy your products, they will do it. If not, it is okay.

Obsessing about promotion

You already advertise using various platforms. You talk to people via social media. You pay for ads on TV and radio, and also print ads. You also hang posters and banners. Allow these ads to do the job. The free merchandise is still part of your advertising plan, but try to be subtle; otherwise, people will think that you are only after their money. They will not feel your sincerity in giving free merchandise. They might even believe that you are using them or playing with their emotions to boost your profit.

Choose quality items

You also need to choose the things you give out wisely. When your goal is to thank the people for their loyalty, you need items of top quality; otherwise, the recipients will feel like you are merely giving them the items for the sake of doing it. You are not necessarily grateful, but you feel obliged to do it. Customers these days are smart, and they know if you are insincere.

It is the least you can do

Over the years, many people have remained loyal to you. It is with their help that your business is still thriving. Therefore, handing out these free things is the least you could do to express your gratitude. You want people to know that you appreciate their loyalty to the brand. You will also remain committed to giving them what they deserve.

Improve your products too

It is an excellent idea to spend money on giving free merchandise. However, you also need to invest in product development. You want existing customers and potential customers to feel that you are not ignoring quality because you already have a massive following. You also do not wish to bore them by giving the same things all the time.

You can try various methods of attracting attention, and it is okay to diversify your strategy. As long as they make sense and you stay true to your brand, those strategies could work. Be patient until you see the results.