Does Your Business Acknowledge the Welfare of Its Employees?

With company employees dedicating a vast proportion of their week to working, it’s no secret that many of your staff members may well be juggling with various emotional and psychological problems during the working day.

Though we may all try our hardest to separate our working lives from our home lives, we are indeed all human, and it’s inevitable that one will approach onto the other at some time or another.

Though you may not feel it your duty to closely monitor your staff for such issues, you do have a responsibility as an employer to acknowledge and address the welfare of those employees when you see a problem arising.

Fortunately, by making your workplace a more open one, you can work on spotting any such problems and tackling them with your employee before they become too much for them to handle on their own. Thereby equalling a happier employee and a more comfortable work environment for all concerned.

Employing Outside Services to Address Employee Welfare

You may not feel able to tackle the welfare of others in your current workplace position. This is especially so if the demands of some of your employees are particularly emotional and psychological. Yet, there’s nothing wrong with this, and it won’t stop you from exploring other avenues to help them instead.

According to Charles Hunter Associates, many professions can successfully work with others to make a real difference to employee lives. Should you, therefore, feel that introducing outside help or experts to your work would be a better option for all those concerned, why not consider alternative specialists such as:

  • Psychologists
  • Counselors
  • Spiritualists
  • Life Coaches
  • Social Workers
  • Sociology Specialists
  • Physiologists

Introducing an Employee Welfare Scheme into the Workplace

Though an employee welfare scheme covers many avenues, it can be useful in all sizes of companies, showing employees that they aren’t alone and that experiencing any problems or issues will not be frowned on in any way in the workplace.

There are astounding proportions of employees who feel unable to inform their employers of their problems as they occur and, consequently, they become much worse over time. Though it may not seem obvious from the outside, it will soon begin to impact productivity in the workplace and unfortunately become an issue at perhaps one of the worst times, for both employee and employer, if left unchecked.

Introducing awareness by implementing a welfare scheme assures staff members that they will not be immediately dismissed from their roles, overlooked for promotion or marked for future reference.

  • Consider what benefits your company offers its employees in the way of care, health, medical and disability issues
  • Display posters of helpful organizations around the workplace
  • Offer details of an in-house contact that all employees can speak to in confidence.
  • Consider implementing regular welfare dates whereby employees get to come together and relax with one another and feel part of a more significant

Look at an Open-Door Policy

Most helpful are those companies who work at encouraging an open-door policy with their employees, that is encouraging all staff members to openly and actively engage with their supervisors and managers, discussing potential issues beforehand.

Consider nominating a trusted and respected member of staff who all employee members can approach in confidence.