Electronic Cigarette Battery Safety

Electronic Cigarette Battery Safety

Follow these safety guidelines for e-cigarette batteries. This not only protects users, but also ensures the best battery performance.

You can also read our guide on how to care for e-cigarette batteries for more information on how to keep your battery in top condition.

E-cig Battery Safety Guide

You may have seen e-cigarette battery explosions in the media. In most cases, it has been proven that the wrong charger was used, the product was not the original product, or the battery was not properly maintained or stored. We want our customers to use our products safely, so please read and follow these safety instructions.

Like any battery or battery powered device, e-cigarettes are only dangerous if misused, stored or maintained.

Li-ion Battery Safety

You need to take responsibility for any damage caused by improper use, handling or storage. Always follow these strict safety guidelines when using batteries.

  • Do not put loose batteries in your pocket or bag.
  • Charge only the charger or cable included with the battery.
  • Always use the correct charging current.
  • Do not charge the battery too much
  • Do not store the battery in extreme temperatures and direct sunlight.
  • Do not use batteries that show signs of damage or have come into contact with liquids.

You can use this battery in IQOS, SMOK and others

Use Only the Charger Provided for the Battery.

Most of the e-cigarette incidents reported in the news are due to the use of the wrong charger. You can find chargers from other vendors that are suitable for connecting to the battery, but you should not use anything other than the one that comes with the e-cigarette. If you have two different batteries with similar chargers, it’s best to label them so you know which one is which.

Usb Charger

Vape Battery Charging Using AC Adapter

The AC adapter for USB powered devices can be easily connected, but should only be used with a 1A output adapter. Many USB power adapters designed for use with mobile phones or tablets are too powerful to charge e-cigarette or e-cigarette batteries. It can cause overheating.

If you plan to use AC adapter to charge your vape battery, buy it from a reputable brand/supplier and make sure the output power does not exceed 1A. The Vape 1A Real Charging Adapter can be purchased from online store.

Don’t Leave a Battery that is Charged Unattended.

As with all types of rechargeable batteries, never leave it unattended while charging and do not charge overnight. This doesn’t mean you should always look at it when it happens, but it’s a good idea to check regularly for anything unusual (like hissing or overheating) to happen. If something strange happens during charging, immediately disconnect the battery from the power source (beware of high temperatures) and dispose of it safely.

Batteries are classified as hazardous waste, so dispose of them responsibly when they are discharged and no longer charged. Many recycling centers accept batteries, and you can find the nearest one here. You can find these batteries online at Vapourcore.