Fifth Square: The Distinctive Strategic Location in the Fifth Settlement!

Fifth Square: The Distinctive Strategic Location in the Fifth Settlement!

About The Developer:

Al Marasem Development is one of the most promising companies in the real estate field, also it’s considered as one of the 5 most important companies in the world, meanwhile this company is developing a compound called Fifth Square New Cairo.

In 1931 Al Marasem was founded to start the path of the real estate field with all the hard work and determination to achieve and develop all the successful projects that we have witnessed in the past years.

Here’s some of the developer’s previous projects other than Fifth Square in New Cairo:

  • Capital Gate New Cairo Compound
  • Some expansions and works at Egyptian airports such as Sharm El Sheikh International Airport, Hurghada Airport, and Alexandria Airport.
  • The Fairmont Hotel, Cairo.
  • Al Rehab Club, Heliopolis Club.
  • Al Rehab Mall.
  • Dreamland Mall.
  • The main administrative building of Amer Group.

Let’s know more about the latest project of Al Marasem Development, Compound Fifth Square New Cairo.

About Fifth Square

It’s a fully service compound which is built on 158 acres, its classified into 70% apartments units and 30% are customized for three types of villas: Standlone Villas, Twin houses and Townhouses.

As the developer was keen to provide diversity types and spaces of units to makes sure that they fit all the customers’ tastes to satisfy all clients of Al Marasem Compound.

Apartment room in Al-Marasem compound in New Cairo

As the units in Compound Fifth Square consists of variety of spaces, here’s some of the spaces:

The spaces of the apartment units can start from 76 m while the space of townhouses in Fifth square starts from 246 m².

The starting space of the twin houses in this compound is from 250 m² and for the standalone villa is from 370 m², in addition to the garden which the space of it can start from 287 m².

Fifth Square Location:

The developer picked the most strategic location and the best area in 5th settlement the to develop Fifth Square New Cairo.

As Fifth Square is located at the golden square which considered as one of the most vital places in New Cairo and extremely close to the most famous projects in the area such as: Palm Hills Kattameya and Mountain View New Cairo.

Also, the compound is minutes away from the American University in Cairo (AUC), El Rehab City, Downtown Mall, Cairo Festival City Mall and also extremely near to the Suez Road.