Generate Quality Leads with Content Marketing Tools

Content is exactly what you are reading now. A piece of content is basically a detailed explanation or information about a particular topic which is delivered or expressed through various mediums like internet, televisions, books, magazines, seminars, webinars etc.

What Is Content Marketing?

Content Marketing is an ultimate marketing strategy that aims at creating, publishing and distributing beautiful, informative, entertaining and easy to understand content for a targeted audience.

Often, it’s used by businesses with the aim to-

  • Transform prospects or audiences into customers
  • Gain attention and generate alternative leads
  • Create brand awareness
  • Increase the visibility as well as credibility of the website
  • Generate online sales

It’s clear from above points that content marketing is done to get something valuable in return so when it comes to creation, don’t create it just for the sake of content but write and present it in a way that reader or audience gets completely lost in it.

Make your content artistic, add some images and some short video clips too (if possible) regarding the topic. Try to put every necessary thing because that’s what audience come to your website researching for. Once they are convinced they will look forward to getting more from you in the future and what you are supposed to do is to continue with the consistency and try to post more and more content frequently.

Content Marketing Tools

Since content marketing is a strategic approach so one is supposed to create and implement great strategies to stand out in the market along with million other marketers. Here are some content marketing tools that has will help you to publish, distribute, to improve campaigns and ultimately will generate leads.


Creating a quality content is not just sufficient. It’s useless until or unless it is published and distributed. Concerns like where do you publish your content and where it has been distributed, matters a lot. This is what Outbrain are actually superior in. It amplifies the audience and helps in publishing and distributing your content.

Outbrain promotes your content on top sites, including CNN, People, and ESPN so that your content can reach the most valuable, targeted and relevant audiences.

How does it work? It simply employs a very flexible pay-per-click model that helps you reach an engaged audience and to grow traffic your articles, blog, video contents etc.

Outbrain Amplify helps you to find the right audience for your content while they are curiously seeking for something.

With its advanced testing and conversion tool, you can optimize and reach your business goals by any means, either on your own or with an account strategist.


There may be very few of those who won’t have heard about HubSpot services and its ultimate content and content marketing strategy.

Known for its incredible customer support and great content-marketing campaign initiatives, HubSpot is an ideal platform for inbound marketing.

It contains a plenty of tools for monitoring and creating blog posts and landing pages.

Along with a software for marketing, sales, and customer success, HubSpot offers a completely free CRM which gives your incredible insights into every contact so that you can build deeper relationships with your buyers at scale.

Other helpful tools available on its site are- SEO software, Social Media software, Blog software, tools to connect with leads, close and manage leads etc.

HubSpot is very fair with its pricing, especially when it comes to small businesses. It starts with $0/month to affordable price increasing with your growth.


If you are looking for tools for content discovery and content performance, then go for BuzzSumo. The tool is used to find popular contents by topic, ideas and blog posts that are already performing well. Those topics can be used to create a better and well-designed content with more data points.

The tool helps you analyze contents that perform best for any topic or competitor. You can have a look below. Since first five searches are free, I searched for content marketing and found the following result.

It lets you find key influencers so that you can promote your content. With BuzzSumo you can find better ways to title your content as well as help you find better audience reach for your content to advertise.

All plans of BuzzSumo include a free 14-day trial. Pro plan starts with $79/month and increases to $499/month for Enterprise. Rest of the plan details can be checked here.


ClearVoice is an ultimate tool for content marketing. It helps you create great content again and again with its easy-to-use, collaborative platform and talent network. It allows brands and agencies to connect with freelancers to create content. It integrates with WordPress, HubSpot, PayPal and many more and allows to publish directly.

Here’s what ClearVoice says-

The software allows you to create campaigns to organize contents the way you want. You can attach brand guidelines, personas, and target keywords. Collaborative editing allows multiple users to edit, comment on and review assignments.

A good thing about ClearVoice is that it works for both content creator and for those looking for content. The content creator can join the ClearVoice marketplace and build freelance relationships. Also, you get paid instantly upon approval. However, it’s pricing is different for different kind of people. Check here.


The tool is specifically designed for B2B marketers. The tool can be used for easy finding, organizing and sharing relevant contents for your business.

The above image says it all about the software. Curata content marketing platform helps you measure your content performance which is the most required factor for any kind of marketing. Knowing how well you’re or not performing, lets you discover your weak points, improve your campaigns and modify your strategies. When you know your limitations, you try to perform well and create better content.

The software lets you eliminate your content blind spots. With its powerful content analytics, you can get answers regarding what content works best for which stage of the funnel.

The content curation software boosts your content marketing engine by allowing you to discover the best content with its self-learning engine, to easily organize and contextualize, publish and promote your content anytime and anywhere.

To know its pricing and plan, you can directly contact them on their website.


We all know the importance of good and quality writing. Of course, it’s a challenge for many of us and to overcome this challenge we have got this software, Copify. You can see below the list of companies following and using copify.

A quality content requires a convincing research, better edits and creative designs before it actually gets into market or gets published. Now the question arises, what if you don’t have any such qualities, you don’t know writing, you don’t even have staff for the same. Don’t worry, Copify is here to help you with this. It helps you to source quality content from a network of approved writers, quickly and easily.

The copy you get is fully proofread, formatted and even delivered in, in some cases, under 48 hours. Your posts can be easily uploaded to any blog platforms and are delivered regularly throughout the month.

Your posts are created on the basis of your instructions. Based on the details and specifications provided by you, the most qualified, available blog writers are chosen to create your post. If you want, you can review your posts online and can even request for edits if you feel it necessary.

WordPress users can publish posts automatically. Pricing can be checked here.


It’s a marketing automation platform that offers various kind of applications. You can choose from applications that fit best for your marketing. Marketing automation lets you create, automate and measure campaigns across channels.

Among various applications, Marketo’s content app lets you engage audiences across the web, mobile and email channel with the right content.

It helps you learn what actually works for you and what not. Let you know what content performs best with audience insights and AI-powered content suggestions.

Marketo sneaks into your website and automatically drives out beneficial such as images, video contents, newsletters, ebooks, blog posts etc.

Getting ROI from existing content really sounds good. To learn which content works best for each person, you can leverage content consumption, profiles, and behavioral patterns. It’s plan and solution pricing depends on various kind of Marketo Solution bundle you choose for your business. Click here.


Not only the website says, but actually, it’s the largest marketing automation platform in the world. Also, it’s easy to use marketing platform to market your content to your email list. It has helped more than millions of customers across the globe- from small e-commerce business to big online retailers.

It allows businesses to find their right prospects, engage audiences, and build their brand.

Its campaign builder program helps you create email campaigns so that you can market your content and display your messages to right prospects to sell your products, share some big news or tell your story.

MailChimp tracks your performance and provides a report on it. Along with it gives you suggestions regarding the improvement of campaigns.

MailChimp analytics360 module allows you to wrench statistics from your website traffic tools directly into your campaign reports page. Everything such as ROI, revenue created, goals completed can be analyzed in one place.

It’s absolutely free for new businesses forever and starts at $10/month for growing businesses and increases to $199/month for pro marketers. Rest of the details can be found here.

Anthony Musker:

I am a digital marketer and content writer at I implement the marketing activities including email, social and SEO  – I have various experience within sales and marketing teams, working for start-up companies and in the PR industry.