Getting a Good Wedding Disc Jockey Kelowna

When you have a wedding planned all by yourself, you will want to take care of all your elements. Music is one of the elements that you will not want to take any risk about. Hence, you have to take care of it well in advance. Airwaves DJ Vancouver is known to help you with professional and experienced DJs to lead the event with great music. It is essential that the music matches your taste and the theme of your event. However, you will have to find a wedding DJ who specializes in music, especially for specific events. More importantly, you need to have a rapport with the professional who can translate your expectations well in reality.

Here is how to hire the right wedding disc jockey Kelowna:

  1. Before you even begin your hunt for the disc jockeys, you need to set your priorities. It is important that you clearly communicate the things that you expect from the jockey and the things that you do not want them to do. This will make it easier for you to look out for the jockey as well as how to share your interests with him.


  1. Go with the referrals. If you have friends who have arranged things for themselves in the wedding, you can ask them for help. Or, if you have attended any event recently that had a DJ, you can contact him for your event. The point is to get someone who will offer you the best and is known for it by the people you know. If someone vouches for a particular wedding disc jockey, then he is worth hiring.


  1. Do not rely on one or two references and make your list with the help of online sources. Most importantly, you will always want to have a backup ready with you in the case of any goof ups. When you are calling up the DJs for your wedding, you will have to enquire about the availability on the given date. Only when you discuss the availability, you can discuss other things.


  1. The next thing you need to deal with the DJ is the equipment and the playlist. How much time will he take to set the equipment at the venue? Will he charge extra for setting up the equipment? How is his charging pattern? Is it hourly or for the day? You have to be extremely clear about the quote and the payment. How would the DJ want his payment to be cleared? It is important that you clarify all these things first.


  1. Check if you can attend any of the upcoming events of the wedding DJs whom you are planning to hire. It will help you with a better clarity whether you intend to hire the DJ or not. Additionally, you will know if the DJ has the potential to keep your event live. You will get to taste how well he is in handling the crowd. You will know whether he will be able to spike up the evening as per the theme or the nature of the crowd.