How Long Does It Take For Colostrum To Heal Leaky Gut?

Leaky gut is a very common thing, people come across nowadays. It can be defined as Intestinal permeability in a medical reference. Leaky gut syndrome can ww. Annual be caused by several factors, most of them are related to our immune that has been altered by our modern lifestyle. It is crucial for you, how to know you have leaky gut? A leaky gut can be identified by some symptoms and confirmatory signs which are as follows:

  • Affected by food sensitivities- the immune system makes the body more vulnerable to antigens, in the people suffering from intestinal permeability.
  • An inflammation – bowel disease which are correlated with the inflammation can be one of the symptoms.
  • Swinging mood and autism- it also relates to neurocognitive disorder, and hence be a sign of leaky gut.
  • Malabsorption- the intestinal tightness can further lead to disordered absorption of various nutrition and lack of vitamins and nutrient.
  • Thyroid- the problems resulting of autoimmune diseases and leaky gut can worsen thyroid issues.

The intestine act as the boundary between the blood and finally processed food in the body, these are actually controlled by tight junctions. The processed food can still have toxic substances and microbes, which is prevented to enter blood by this gateway. But due to development of leaky gut, this gateway becomes more susceptible of illness as the toxic materials and microbes further leading to development of a variety of diseases. It can be linked with the diabetes, bowel disorder, allergies, autoimmune diseases and many other reasons.

How colostrum affects?

The colostrum in the medical terms is defined as the first milk coming out of the mother’s breast. This is very rich in antibodies, which is meant for the baby for prevention and protection against diseases. This has a potential in healing the leaky gut and protect the bowel disorder. Furthermore, it can help you enhance your immunity to fight against leaky gut.  In the past, many cultures have adopted the use of colostrum, like ancient Chinese and the people of Kenya. Colostrum can considered as the store of various nutritional ammunition, and it can act as an alternative to antibiotics. It really depends on the nature of the development of the leaky gut in your body and seriousness, it that how much time will it take to heal.Sometimes it is just the initiation, however, in any case the colostrum can be used to treat leaky gut effectively.