How To Find Good Wholesale Hair Suppliers & Vendors?

How To Find Good Wholesale Hair Suppliers & Vendors?

Do Your Own Hair Vendor Research!

Are you learning how to sell hair extensions because you want to launch a hair business? Are you now incredibly enthusiastic and ready to try anything to launch your new hair business? Or are you trying to find good hair vendors to start a business in hairpieces already?

You’ve been browsing Instagram lately and have seen folks offering “hair vendor lists” to help you buy hair. Must you purchase the list? Are the listed hair shops actually reliable? Do they sell mink hair (read our article on what mink hair is if you’re seeking a mink hair vendor)?

It can be challenging to locate the top wholesale virgin hair suppliers. However, if you found this post by chance, you are getting closer to your goal. Let’s go through a few specifics.

Hair Vendor Contents

  1. What is a Hair Vendor List?
  2. Are the Best Virgin Hair Vendors Listed?
  3. How Much Does a Hair Vendor List Normally Cost?
  4. What Wholesale Hair Companies are Listed?
  5. Doing Your Own Research.
  6. What to Know Before Getting a New Hair Vendor?
  7. How to find a Raw Hair Vendor or a Virgin Hair Vendor?
  8. What Are the Final Vendor Thoughts?

What Is A Hair Vendor List?

As more people set foot in the hair extension industry in recent years, the trend of providing a list of hair suppliers began to gain popularity, be it a hair vendors’ list or a raw hair vendor list.

With an estimated $10.1 billion annual hair product sales, this market is HOT, and everyone wants a piece of it. A good hair vendor list will have a lot of hair suppliers who will wholesale hair extensions in bulk for your business. Most listings now for sale on the market change depending on how many hair providers there are. How many hair providers are required to market identical goods? A good question!

Are The Best Virgin Hair Vendors Listed?

People’s expectations of hair extensions can vary significantly. One bundle of hair may seem significant to you. Still, the person who compiles the “hair vendor list” may feel very differently. I constantly ask our customer base to recommend what they like the most.

Because your opinions differ, you can be let down if you’re seeking raw Indian hair, Malaysian hair, Brazilian hair, or Vietnamese hair quickly. This is perfectly acceptable and expected.

You can find a vendor who sells HD Lace Wigs, HD Lace Closures, and other popular items.

  • Looking for a Wholesale Hair Vendor?

A straight-from-the-manufacturer option, New Times Hair offers tested products like bundles, closures, frontals, wigs, lashes, and more.

This website will help you with your hair supply issues. With less difficulty, prices are comparable to those of AliExpress and Alibaba dealers. GRATIS ACCESS!

How Much Does A Hair Vendor List Normally Cost?

Lists have been sold for anywhere between $47 and $997! Some will categorize it by vendor type. One example may be a list that offers Brazilian hair, while another offers Indian hair.

What kind of wholesale weave you’re looking for truly makes a difference.

Consider asking yourself how much it costs to create your own directory of hair vendors. I could make one in a matter of minutes.

What Wholesale Hair Companies Are Listed?

You might easily find identical ones on DH Gate, Alibaba, and AliExpress.

In our support group for starting a hair extension business, we talk about vendor lists a lot.

It was fantastic to hear from many individuals who purchased a list that Private Label Extensions were included. That’s the only aspect of these lists that I find appealing.

The best Aliexpress hair merchants are in high demand. Did you know that over 90% of Aliexpress’s hair suppliers had to leave last year due to the numerous complaints and problems they were experiencing? Do you really want to be yet another person with a problem? You may have been searching for the top Alibaba hair merchants. We’ll leave that up to you.

If you need to find a good hair vendor and can’t remember their name, type in “Wholesale Hair Extensions” on Google, and they will probably come up first. Why is New Times Hair presented as the top item? Google has the best knowledge.

Do Your Own Research

Our best recommendation is for you to conduct your own study. The $200, $300, or $400 you would spend on one of these lists could be used to purchase a few sample bundles from various sources.

Please give the hair team at New Times Hair a try if you’re looking to deal with a wholesale hair company offering plenty of assistance, drop shipping, education, support groups, customer care you can speak to, and more.

Quick Tip: Confirm your understanding of determining the Delivered Cost of hair extensions from vendors. Many individuals overlook that international providers frequently tack on transaction costs and that shipping is significantly more expensive per package.

Do not wish to cooperate with us? (You are a fool!) No issue! Next, you should start looking for and getting in touch with hair companies on Alibaba and AliExpress.


I am aware of your thoughts. Do we really intend to inform you of further wholesale hair suppliers? Of course! We keep a lot of faith in the caliber of the goods and services we provide.

What To Know Before Using A New Hair Vendor?

Yes, many horrifying tales about working with foreign corporations are accurate. Did you pay a hair vendor via Western Union to avoid fees but have yet to get a response?

Yes, when we first began, this did indeed happen to us. I sent money to a Malaysian firm but have yet to get the hair. They even dared to call me and demand that I provide more funds for customs, although they lacked a tracking number. Never do it again!

We once requested several samples from a different hair supplier. Wow, the hair was adorable and affordable. I truly believed that this provider was a gold mine! Next, we spent roughly $3,000 on various sew-in extensions for our business.

Isn’t it time to start selling? Wrong! The subsequent batch was complete garbage when we decided to buy more hair. It was so awful that we didn’t even believe it was fair to sell it for less money than what we paid. $3,000 loss!

Is it inevitable that a business on the hair seller list you bought won’t be any different? Without a doubt! It might be amusing to ask the person selling the hair vendor list if they offer a money-back guarantee if you don’t like the hair extensions sold by a company on the list. Not likely!

How To Find A Raw Hair Vendor Or A Virgin Hair Vendor?

Without a hair vendor list, there are numerous ways to locate your hair stylists. You have probably received many Instagram messages if you have an Instagram profile dedicated to wigs or hair extensions.

Yes, hair and wig sellers will locate you. The most significant problem is that they are contacting EVERYONE of your followers to sell the hair. My recommendation is to immediately block them.

Best Wholesale Hair Suppliers: How To Find It? This Will Help You Decide! -  Layla Hair - Shine your beauty!

Since there are so few reliable raw hair suppliers, finding a reputable virgin hair vendor may be simpler than finding a raw hair vendor, particularly when looking for Raw Temple Indian Hair.

Some of the most popular search terms for hair vendors are:

  • wholesale human hair (or raw hair) distributors
  • hair vendors near me (for the local hair vendors like New Times Hair)
  • Hair wholesale distributors or vendors
  • Good hair vendors to start a business
  • Hair vendors wholesale
  • Best hair vendors 2022
  • Best hair vendors 2022 (or insert current year)
  • Human hair vendors
  • Hair distributor(s) wholesale

You might strike it lucky and locate a dependable hair supplier. Please take caution if you choose to work with someone from Alibaba or Aliexpress. They frequently use the bait-and-switch technique, as I already indicated. Moreover, never conduct transactions outside of the Alipayments system.

If you’re looking for a hair dropshipper in the United States, consider Dropship Bundles, the country’s most popular brand. Both raw hair extensions and virgin human hair will be available to you.

What Are The Final Hair Vendor’s Thoughts?

If you’re looking for a dependable hair supplier, look at Private Label Wholesale and Private Label Extensions for large orders at the lowest prices.

Over 1,000 consumers have used Private Label to get some of the most significant hair extensions. Just be cautious if you want to work with vendors in other countries. Nothing is worse than having someone try to make a fast buck off of your hard-earned money.

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