How To Help For Above Ground Pools

Pools in the house backyards are an important luxury and the benefits of feeling the coolness in summer and watching your kids dive in water and jump out of it worth all the effort that you do for the maintenance of your pool. Many people ask about How To Help For Above Ground Pools to me and that is why I have decided to write an article about it.

How To Help For Above Ground Pools:

Maintenance of above ground pools is not an easy task. It requires a lot of effort than you can actually think off. For keeping your pool clean, healthy and safe for your children follow the below described process:

  1. Keeping Pool Water Clean:

Keeping the pool water clean and clear is the ultimate need and the pump and filter is important for pool water cleansing of above ground pools. Pumps circulate the water in the pool and ideally turn the water in the pool within a period of eight hours. Run the pump of your pool during the day for 8 to 12 hours. Stagnant water grows bacteria and algae and circulating water using the pump clears everything and make the water clean.

  1. Use Filters:

Above ground pool filters remove the particles and debris from the water. The Sand and D.E filters are usually used which can be cleaned by filters pressure gauge. When the pressure goes above normal and indicates the levels of 8 to 10 lbs. filters gets cleaned. Cartridge filters remove particles through cartridge and can be washed with garden hose.

  1. Removing Algae:

The above ground pools have areas without any circulation. They are more prone to the algae growth and so the area should be cleaned and vacuumed every week to get rid of this problem. Brushing once a week is important even if you use above ground pool cleaners.

  1. Test Water For pH & Sanitizers:

Test your pool water regularly for pH and sanitizers at least three times a week to understand that how weather, chemical application and bather load affects the pool water. This testing ensures clear water for the whole season. A digital test strip reader is available which makes this process easier. If the pH goes above 7.2 to 7.6, it will greatly reduce the effectiveness of chemicals.

  1. Chlorine Tablets:

Chlorine tablets are the most effective sanitizers for above ground pools. These tablets dissolve in water slowly to ensure bacteria free water.