How To Make Online Events Interactive?

How To Make Online Events Interactive?

Firstly the pandemic and then lockdown forced everyone to enjoy events from their home. All the stand-up shows, live concerts, everything went online. Even after no physical presence, audiences supported these events and participated in huge numbers. But the popularity of online events is declining, because audiences are not able to show their reaction, feedback, and love for the artist by shouting as they used to do during offline events to represent their support.

However, technology is upgrading to the next level, and this issue can easily be solved using an audience interaction tool during online events. Audience interaction tools can easily be found on search engines. These are developed to make online events more interactive and engaging. Let’s have a look at what activities you can do using an audience interaction tool.

Q&A Sessions

People usually don’t like events in which crowd participation isn’t allowed. Live Q&A sessions are an excellent way to interact with the audience, answer their questions and proceed with events according to the preferences of viewers. Q&A sessions can prove to be beneficial in educational events, comedy shows, magic shows, etc. It would be a personalized, two-way communication between the host and the audience.

Live Animated Reactions

Talking to everyone isn’t possible during events with a large audience; however, allowing people to react during the event according to their mood will make them feel valued and engaged. Live animated reactions will showcase whether participants are liking the performance or not instantly during the live event.

Reactions can be customized according to the best punch lines of the host, memes, or the emoticons of various other funny characters. They can easily tap on the animated stickers to give feedback directly to the host during live events.

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Polling and Voting

Understanding your audience is the best way to create a good relationship with them. Polling and voting will facilitate easy guessing of the audience type and their expectations from the event. Using an audience interaction tool for polling and voting will enable the host in inferring the regularity of the audience in the events as well.

Polling and voting can be done with the help of online surveys, live pop-up questions, and yes/no polls. This will also allow the hosts to gather paid advertisements for their future events by showing their past stats of surveys.

Customize According To Your Audience

Audience interaction tools do not limit only to the above three activities, a lot more fun and interactive activities are there to excite and engage the audience with the event. The host will be able to create various creative techniques to interact with the participants during the virtual event.

Hosts can create a customary real-time virtual photo booth to give special treatment to the participants, or playing games during live events can also prove to be a wonderful idea.

Pick Your Tool!

It is not difficult to create a fun and engaging online virtual event anymore. An audience interaction tool can easily bring an amazing interactive atmosphere to online events and make them more enjoyable for the participants. Make your events better today with Votemo today!