How to Rise Up in the Workplace Ranks by Becoming an Assistant

Though to many people, the world assistant can conjure up a jack-of-all-trades, in the business world, with the right mindset, an assistant is perhaps one of the most perfectly placed employees to rise through the ranks faster than any other role.

Regardless of whether you are a male or female assistant, this role gives you more opportunity to learn the ropes quickly and gain that inside trader knowledge that those regular employees are not always privy to.

By changing your mindset and choosing to see your assistant role as a stepping stone to a better position within the company, you give yourself a valuable head start over your other colleagues working on the shop floor.

  1. View Your Assistant Role as a Steep Learning Curve

Sometimes, all that it needs to see your role in a different light is to approach it from a more practical and worthwhile angle.

An assistant will be the eyes and ears of a higher-ranking member of staff and therefore can, therefore, place this person as their mentor.

This allows you to learn everything that you need to know about the company, both inside and out, from the better person.

  1. Treat Your Role of Assistant as a Worthwhile Journey

You may not be planning on remaining an assistant forever, and this would indeed not be great to your overall career and that of the company’s long-term performance. However, as ICON believe, that doesn’t mean that you can’t look at your time spent as an assistant as that of a great journey!

An assistant is in many ways a position that most employees would do exceptionally well by undertaking to progress – and you have that enviable lucky position.

An assistant role is a crucial part of your workplace journey. Therefore, view this as the next step to moving up in your career, and you should be rewarded through the progress you make during this time.

  1. Make Your Role as An Assistant Work for You

During your time as an assistant, think about what skills and experience you are lacking in and work towards improving this area for your CV. Are there specific qualifications that you know to be useful, or is there an area of the business world whereby you feel as though you are lacking a great deal of knowledge in?

Look at updating your qualifications and expertise through additional study outside of work, or even speak to your manager about the possibilities of doing some on the job training and courses. That way, when you do leave your assistant role, your CV will stand you in great stead for your next position.

  1. Enjoy Your Time as an Assistant

If you see your role as an assistant as one which will be the makings of a new future and improved career, you will allow yourself to witness growth and change as you undertake this role.

Ultimately, an assistant’s role is hard going, especially when you are expected to cater to many tasks and jobs all at one time. However, it’s perhaps one of the industry’s fast track ways of moving up that corporate ladder and getting the more prominent roles, by merit alone.