Interior Painter In London And Croydon

When you intend to hire Interior Painting & Decorating in London and Croydon services, you need to be aware of the fact that they will paint the inside of your home with a basic color that is applied with a brush or roller in a flat finish. If you prefer adding a slightly different flair to your house, there are several other interior painting practices that the professional interior painter in London and Croydon services may opt for. For instance, a faux finish produces a look of natural items such as stone or marble.


Such painted scenes are useful in covering the entire wall in the room. These types of interior painting techniques are mostly used in kid’s room. Oftentimes they will cover all four walls of your kid’s room featuring simple shapes but in bright colors. As an interior painter in London Croydon paints a mural in other rooms of your house, they limit themselves to just one wall and tend to be a lot more sophisticated. Nature scenes are just another type of common murals.

Decorative Painting

With such techniques, Interior Painting & Decorating in London and Croydon services will apply paint swirls using a brush to create flowers, ocean waves and other kind of motifs. They can be used on borders or walls. Decorative painting can even be done on the backsplash tiles instead of the walls behind the sink or stove area.


This kind of painting is done by applying the colors using brushes or sponges inside a stencil pattern. This helps create a shape as the stencil is removed. Such approach is mainly used in home with a country theme. The stencils are done in the middle or at the top of the wall as a stair riser or a border. Stenciling does not really require any artistic skills. All you have to do here is to spread the color within the cutout stencil shape.


This is basically about filling desired colors within the lines of a specific space. The Interior Painter in London and Croydon will put a hardwearing masking tape on the wall in straight lines. The farther spaced out the tape is placed on the wall, the wider the strips will be. The masking tape gets removed soon after the wall has been painted, enlightening clear stripes on the wall.

Using these techniques will certainly add a personal touch to your rooms.

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