What Are The Labor Rights Of Pregnant And Working Mothers

If you are soon expecting the greatest happiness in your life – your first child there are a few things you need to know. http://www.brianrosslaw.com/ will explain to all pregnant women how to protect their rights.

The employer cannot ask you to do work that puts at risk or endangers not only your safety and health but also the child’s. These are tasks related to:

The release of toxic chemicals; vibration, noise, ultrasound, electromagnetic waves or working environment with temperatures above acceptable hygienic norms;

vibration, noise, ultrasound, electromagnetic waves or working environment with temperatures above acceptable hygienic norms;
lifting and weighing over 5 kg;
work with closed sources of ionizing radiation (throughout the pregnancy);
work related to stimulants of infections, parasitic and fungal diseases.

You have the right to refuse to perform such a job without causing negative consequences – for example, to get fired.

Do you have the right to get out of work sometimes?

The employer is obliged to let you when you have to go to medical examinations when it is necessary to do it during working hours. For the time, the employer will pay you a salary in the amount of a daily average gross salary for the last calendar month.

Night and overtime

If the condition when you are pregnant is sensitive or in an advanced stage of in vitro treatment, night work is forbidden. Night work is from 22:00 to 06:00.

If you already have children under the age of 6 or care for children with disabilities regardless of their age, you are also banned from night work.

Business trips

If you are pregnant or have a child/ children up to 3 years old or if you are in an advanced stage of IVF treatment, the employer cannot ask you to go on a business trip without having it agreed in writing.

Working conditions and employment

If there are 20 or more women at the employer, he is required to furnish rooms for personal hygiene and rest rooms for pregnant women.

If the work you do is inappropriate for your condition, the employer is obliged to temporarily let you go. For example, to reduce your working time, not to make you lift up heavy objects, move you to work in some place with fresh air and light.

If the adaptation of working conditions is technically and / or objectively impracticable or is not justified due to the very nature of the work, the employer will have to move you to another job that is right for the pregnant woman.

Until the transfer order is executed, you are released from the obligation to perform the inappropriate work, and the employer will have to pay you compensation. You will receive such compensation even when the salary is lower than what you received before working.

What if they try to fire you?

Without the prior permission of the Labor Inspectorate, the employer has no right to fire you if you are pregnant or mother of a child up to 3 years of age.

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