MediaBlam CPM Ad Network

MediaBlam is an online CPM Ad network based in United Kingdom (UK). This ad network primarily focuses on revenue models
CPM and Pop. Over the years, this ad network has gained so much popularity and reputation that more than 3000 publishers
across the globe today are using this ad network to monetize their sites.

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Their services use numerous algorithms to determine the best ad to serve to their publisher sites. With this,
they aim to help their publishers by providing the best possible position for our advertisers to get their brand,
service or product seen as well as earn more revenue from all impressions they sell as well as.

Over the years, their network has diversified so much that today they work with several leading ad exchanges to provide
the best possible solutions to their publishers so they can work on creating great content while they work on making them
more money for their sites. MediaBlam review sites before approving them.

With over 2,000+ active publisher sites and over 1,500+ ad campaigns running through our network we look forward to
welcoming you on-board soon.

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Best Features Of MediaBlam

Support in English, Spanish and Romanian
Fast approval
Highest fill rates
Competitive rates
Timely payments : The publishers would receive their earnings on time.
The publishers can track their ads performance and revenue using real-time reporting system.


The publishers get paid on Net 30 basis. The payment options are PayPal and Bank transfer. The minimum payout is $50.

The sites must not

Have hosted on free hosting platforms like Blogger and Tumblr.
Host any objectionable content like pornography, spam, gambling, warez, malware, adware and spyware.
Have made for the advertising purpose.
Contain excessive ads.

Support & Optimization Is Key

The MediaBlam team believes in bridging the gap and creating a friendly workspace with all their publishers by working closely with them,
to make sure they have the best possible ads showing on their sites to increase revenues.

They are always there to answer your questions and concerns 24/7. Just drop them a message if you need any help or advice.

Why should you join MediaBlam?

Fast approval
Highest fill rates
Support in English, Spanish and Romanian
Competitive rates
Timely payments. The publishers would always receive their earnings on a weekly or monthly basis on time.
The publishers can use their real-time reporting system to track the performance and revenue of their ad.
100% Ad coverage for all countries
Industry high CPM rates
Fast & Easy Sign Up
Get your website approved today.
Monitor earnings in real time
On time auto payments each month

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