OLED TV – The Future Of Flat Screen Television

Television has become an important part of our lives. We cannot spend our leisure time without turning the TV on. You have definitely heard about the television technologies like plasma, LED and LCD, but with the recent advancements in the technology a particularly new type of LED technology has been introduced in the market and people are going gaga over it. I am talking about the OLED TV.

OLED stands for Organic Light Emitting Diode. The LED TVs make use of traditional semiconductor compounds to work whereas the OLED TVs make use of the organic semiconductors for its functionality. It is said that soon LED TVs are going to take over the traditional television and the trend is currently seen changing. You can find some great oled tv from top most television manufacturers by following this link.

Benefits of OLED TVs:

One of the greatest use of OLED is in flat screen televisions. Apart from that, this new technology has a lot to offer. Below are listed some of the benefits of OLED TVs over the traditional LCD technology:

  1. Once the trend of OLED TVs prevailed, their cost will be much lower as compared to LED TVs because of the simple manufacturing process.
  2. OLED displays have the tremendous feature of being printed on to fabric or flexible plastic, which is quite a change from traditional televisions.
  3. Unlike LCD TVs, OLEDs have the ability to emit light which is a direct factor for improved picture brightness. This makes the colors to appear quite natural.
  4. Unlike LCD TVs, OLED TVs do not need any backlight which means they can be made thinner than the traditional televisions, even much more than the thinnest televisions available today.
  5. Another added benefit of this TV is that it uses no power when it is inactive which results in improved energy efficiency and lower energy costs.
  6. OLED TVs has the refresh rate of 200 times more than the highest refresh rates present in the other televisions today.

But just like any other technology, OLED TVs also comes with some drawbacks. Currently these TVs are quite expensive as compared to other televisions because they are not commonly available. Another drawback of OLED TV is that its lifespan is not even half of the LCD TVs and its colors degrades much faster than the LCD TVs.