Online appointment scheduling will help your business

As you know, I am always looking for a new software to review. I spend hours looking through the latest and greatest ideas to help your business but few are unique enough to blog about. Today however, I found something exciting, it’s called BookSteam, and it helps small businesses make and manage their appointments online. is an online appointment scheduling software that automates a variety of office tasks. True, lots of software’s offer a similar concept, but Booksteam is unique in its ability to work with a huge assortment of companies, no matter the size.

Here’s an example. I have a friend who owns an elderly day care business. During the day, families caring for their elderly loved ones can drop them off at her center for supervision and activities while family members are at work. Great idea right? The problem is, the manager is constantly on the phone trying to schedule the comings and goings of her senior clientele.  As soon as I am done writing this blog post, I plan to tell her about BookSteam.

With BookSteam, her adult day care can be managed online. Clients would login, schedule their drop off dates and receive an automated reminder so they don’t forget to show up. (another issue she often battles) The elderly care manager can view her online calendar to see who is being dropped off and when. She will now have less time on the phone and more time to focus on her clients.

Booksteam offers a ton of other features like turning on the client payment option. This option requires a valid credit card when clients book helping to eliminate no shows. (My friend will LOVE that.)  Booksteam seems to have something for everyone and could be used for an independent business contractor with no employee’s as well as a medical center with multiple locations. Pretty cool huh?

So, that’s my report. If you think this might help your business check out BookSteam online appointment scheduling software. You can try it for FREE as they offer risk free 30 day free trial. Try it today and see how BookSteam can help your business.