Pinterest Tools for Social Media Marketers

Pinterest is an emerging social media network that is steadily gaining millions of users. However, despite being possibly the most aesthetically pleasing platform on the web, most marketers have not yet included the pinning site in their priority mediums.

A 2016 study by Pew Research Center, a Washington-based nonpartisan think tank, shows that of the 1,520 adult respondents, 31% are now using Pinterest. Of the number, 45% are women and 17% are men. The virtual pinboard also ranks third on the most used social media platforms, trailing behind the still unbeatable  top billers, Facebook and Instagram.

Maybe you don’t see the value in pinning images for your business yet, but there are Pinterest tools that should convince you to start utilizing this website for social media marketing.

6 Pinterest Tools for Social Media Marketers

1. Pinterest for Business

Converting into a Pinterest business account is free. Launched in 2012, Pinterest for Business gives you access to a host of tools and features including the analytics tool and advertising.  Click here to setup your business account.

2. Pinterest Analytics

This tool gives you access to data about how users are engaging with your Pinterest profile. It helps you identify what types of content, both on your website and profile, work best for your target audience. This way, you can analyze, experiment and make strategic decisions using this analytics feature.

3. Widget Builder

The widget builder allows you to add Follow, Save and Pin It buttons to your website. These widgets will allow people to follow you on Pinterest, save what they like, or easily pin an image from your site.

4. Rich Pins

This tool provides additional information to your Pins. There are currently six types of Rich Pins: app, article, movie, place, product and recipe. Compared to a regular pin, a product pin contains pricing details and a direct link to the product page right on the pinned image itself.

5. Promoted Pins

This tool gives you additional ways to promote and advertise your content on Pinterest. A cost per click (CPC) tool, it allows you to monitor how many clicks your Pins get and fine-tune your campaign according to which Pins work best with your target market.

6. Self-Serve Tool

Late in September, Pinterest has launched a new self-serve tool which helps brands to tap into Pin Collective, a network of about 100 content creators, to develop campaigns at scale. This tool speeds up the process in as little as 10 to 14 days from the previous 4 to 6 weeks period. The platform is free and has no minimum spend required.

Time-Saving Tools for Pinterest:

There are also other tools and services that you can utilize with Pinterest to streamline the way you post content on the platform. Here’s some of the few:

  1. IFTT (If This Then That) – is a free service that allows you to automate tasks between two different platforms. You can set up a recipe that automatically shares new pins to your linked social networks. Likewise, you can set up triggers from other platforms that will lead to pinning an image on Pinterest.
  2. Buffer – is a software application that lets you manage and schedule posts to multiple social media accounts. You can use it to schedule pins to be published on your Pinterest profile as well.
  3. Sendible – is a management tool that is useful if you want to automate publishing pins to Pinterest. It allows you to immediately publish pins or queue them for publishing in a specified time. It starts at $39 per month for 15 connected accounts.
  4. TailWind – is a platform that is useful for scheduling posts and analyzing trends. It allows you to pin images on a Pinterest board and sync them with Instagram. It starts at $15 per month for unlimited pin scheduling and access to profile and board metrics, and basic website insights.

To read the full Pew Research report, click here.

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