Reasons to Choose Safety Glass for Your Storefront

Most shop owners recognise that glass storefronts are great for business.  They create a light, airy atmosphere on the inside and highlight your products to customers on the outside.  What can be off putting however is the sense of security.  Traditionally glass wouldn’t have been seen as the safest option, particularly not when it’s covering the whole of the front of your business premises.  Today however most storefront glass is extremely tough, as the popularity for glass storefront continues to grow; more businesses are opting for tougher tempered, security glass for added protection.

Safety glass can protect against:

  • Forced entry
  • Smash and grab thefts
  • Bullet shots
  • Explosions

It’s important to be aware that there are many different types of security glass offering different levels of security.  Talk to your commercial glass installer to find out exactly what protection you would be getting from your glass storefront.

Benefits of Glass Storefronts

Glass storefronts allow 24/7 advertising, even when your shop isn’t open, passer’s by can see your products and promotions on show, potentially drawing them in at a later date.

Having a large glass storefront often deters would-be hit-and-run thieves thanks to their openness, exposing them to anyone nearby.

They also bring customers into the store that may have walked by otherwise.  Potential customers can see what products are on show and if something catches their eye, they may enter.  If there was no large glass entrance people may walk past without knowing there was something in there that might interest them.

With tempered glass, if there is a significant impact the glass will still be held in place and should not completely shatter, protecting nearby people.

About the author

This article has been written by Eastern Glass Co, experts glass storefront installers.  Eastern Glass has over 25 years in the design, manufacture and installation of innovative glass solutions across the state of Connecticut, USA.