RFID Products – Are They Really Safe And Secure?

In the present times, a large number of Americans turn out to be the victim of identity theft. And the stats only comprise of those that have been reported. If you inquire these people, you will get a similar answer: it is certainly a terrible experience to be charged for another individual’s credit card purchases or to be responsible to paying someone else’s debts. There is where the Radio Frequency Identification or RFID products and cards come into play!

The RFID Credit Cards

The DFID credits cards are designed in a way that they offer additional protection and security to the cardholders. These cards feature an integrated chip which is responsible for transmitting the card’s information through radio waves. They do have the magnetic strip located at the back so that the users could easily swipe them while they are in a place that does not have a scanner.

Such high-tech credit cards are offered by most of the credit card companies such as MasterCard, American Express, and Visa. If you see an icon on the card such as three vertical curved lines that generally indicate radio waves or a word that you are unable to recognize, you perhaps have an embedded card in hand.

Advantages of Using RFID Cards

If you have a credit card with an embedded chip, as long as an establishment or seller uses a compatible card reader, there is no need for you to swipe the card every time you make a transaction. You just have to hold your cards within 1 – 4 inches away from the scanner, all your information is recorded, and you are good to go.

The prime benefit is in this speeding up of the checkout process. It cuts the entire time that you would otherwise be spending in making a transaction. It is just as quick as when a clerk scans the UPC code on an article you are buying. With this technology, the need for retail clerks, cashiers, waiters and salespersons to see and handle the card is greatly reduced.

Such cards entirely eliminate some of the security hazards that have been related to their conventional counterparts. The major one being the ability to replicate the card numbers from the second copy of the transaction.

Further Protection And Security for Your RFID Cards

Luckily, the potential hazards can be easily prevented with the use of a specialized card case. If you keep the cards in an aluminum case, identity thieves will not be able to scan through your cards unless you bring them out of the case. Radio Frequency waves do not broadcast via aluminum.

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