The Risks Of Driving Under The Influence Of Alcohol

Every year, more and more accidents are being brought about by human beings. This has resulted in a mass catastrophe of major impact to the human population and just in the world itself. This has been a leading content in out television news, radio broadcastings, and even in social media. Nonetheless, this ever so present death curse has etched itself to all of life.


When it comes to the most reoccurring accidents out there it is the ones that resulted from driving under the influence of alcohol. From over thousands of cases each year, this has risen up an exceeding spiked graph. Besides other criminal acts such as murder or theft, drunk driving has also found itself towards the top of the pedestals. So before you go and do this foolish act, here are the dangers of driving under alcohol influence.

Health Complications

Normally, accidents happen when drunk driving. One of its dangers is inflicting health combinations. Depending on the impact of which your car has gotten into, health problems would range from a simple leg injury to the more complicated and serious joint paralysis. Either way, this can cause up major physical disorders which could affect your life as well as your passengers’ for the rest of your life. More so, there will be cases than just a physical disability, even death can be inflicted to the victim.

Psychological Trauma

Sometimes it is more than just serious physical injuries, it could slide up to psychological traumas as well. And when this happens, the experience can change the brain activities of people and can conclude to delinquency. It will trigger an impulse to your memory section and would keep on popping back the experience in your head every once in a while. This could fatally affect your whole being as it would lead to being unproductive, social impairment, or worse, suicide.

Case File

And even with those damaging consequences, it still does not stop there. If you are a public transportation driver or just plainly holding passengers, they could file a case for you. An example would be the criminal offense of drunk driving, and if your blood content if proven to have alcohol plus other evidences, you could wind up a good chunk of your life in jail.

Safety is always an important thing to take note. And to know more about the importance of safety you can. People would say to go the extra mile and enjoy life to the fullest, but you cannot enjoy the rest of it if you fall into a serious accident. So remember to wear your safety belt and drive in optimum conditions.