Schoolies 2021: 5 Essential Features for an Epic Schoolies Week

Schoolies 2021: 5 Essential Features for an Epic Schoolies Week

Are you ready for schoolies week? The graduation season can be an exciting time for Australian high schoolers who have completed final exams, attended the senior ball, and received their diploma. It’s never too late to start planning your schoolies 2021. This will be a time you can create lifetime experiences with your friends that you’ll never forget.

When planning your grad trip, you have several important issues to take up, including the following ones:


The main function of the three-week event is to celebrate your graduation. However, the way you do that can vary greatly. For example, you might want to visit the Gold Coast, party hard, or help people in need. Nobody else can pick your goals. You’ve earned your leavers’ week, so it’s up to you to determine how you want to spend it.


Aussie high school graduation can take place anytime between September and November. When you have your schoolie is less important than planning early. The old saying “time flies” is often true, and especially during your senior year.

Thus, it’s important to start planning for schoolies week several months before your graduation. All year you’ll be busy as a bee with exams, projects, and after-school activities. There’s also extra planning for your graduation and ball.

Another factor to consider is it’s easier to get the schoolie you want by making plans and reservations as early as possible. The good news is professional schoolie planning is available to help turn your dream senior trip into reality.

In 2020 there were 180,000 Year 12 students in Australia, according to ABC. It’s thus critical for leavers to make their post-graduation plans as soon as possible to get the schoolie week they want and deserve.


These include ones for flights, accommodations, meals, and so on. A schoolie planner can help with these details that, to be honest, aren’t part of all the fun activities you’ll experience during schoolie week.

There are no worries. A planning company will have the contacts and connections for making all the reservations required for an outstanding holiday week.

New graduates will want to avoid learning that their flights or hotels are fully booked. This is much more likely if you try to do your own grad trip planning at the last minute. Allowing an experienced company to handle such bits and pieces can make your leavers’ week much more stress-free and enjoyable.


This provides everything you need for a fun and memorable schoolie. For example, you might want to enjoy big parties, cultural excursions, or volunteer opportunities. A schoolie package can include everything you need, including travel arrangements, hotel reservations, and meal planning.


A 2018 report showed that nearly 70% of Australians read online reviews before making a purchase decision, according to the Australian government. Prior to picking a schoolie week planner, it’s important to read some online feedback, such as Google reviews.

It’s important to consider the average ratings a company has received. For example, there’s a big difference when a planning company has received one or four out of five stars.

Year 12 students should also read multiple reviews to learn about what past customers specifically liked about a particular company.

When preparing for schoolies 2021, make sure to consider the above-mentioned features. An experienced schoolie planner with over a decade of experience, for example, can help to handle all the details to make the week a once-in-a-lifetime experience you’ll never forget.