The Complete Guide to Product Labels in Thailand

The Complete Guide to Product Labels in Thailand

Product Labels and How they are Helpful

All labels have a variety of purposes, but one of the most common is for manufacturing. A label provides vital information about the product. They are used to identify the product, list ingredients and nutritional information, warn consumers about potential hazards, indicate expiration dates and more. Barcodes also play an important role in identifying products as they are scanned at point of purchase.

What Are Product Labels Used For?

There are many reasons for using product safety labels. The most common use is compliance with regulatory requirements. For example, a safety warning or instructions on how to safely use the product on the label.

Product Label Printing Guidelines In Thailand

Thailand is a leading country in the production of labels. A label is a piece of paper, metal, plastic or other material that is attached to another surface for identification or information. Product labels are often referred to as packaging labels and are used on items like food and drink cans, cereal boxes, beer bottles, perfume bottles and more.

Printing product labels with 911Print

Eco labels make little difference to consumers

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