The Steps To Prepare For Your Organization’s Next Open Enrollment Period

The Steps To Prepare For Your Organization’s Next Open Enrollment Period

Now that many businesses are returning to their offices and reestablishing some level of normal, they’re utilizing the changes they made throughout the pandemic era to continue improving their open enrollment strategies. More and more HR departments are preparing for more participation than ever in their open enrollment periods. This post will detail the ways in which these departments are ensuring their employees are receiving the highest level of care through their benefits.

Prior to returning to the office, it was easy for many of these departments to realize that their employees were much more worried about the state of the world rather than their health benefits. These departments were tasked with making sure their employees were in the loop regarding their benefits despite this disinterest, and knowing that they had some effectiveness, digital methods will continue to be useful in-office.

The businesses that feel they were lacking both throughout the pandemic and even prior understand that they need to make a change. Most businesses aware of their shortcomings in regards to open enrollment look business process outsourcing (BPO) providers and their solutions to boost employee engagement during their open enrollment periods.

How A New Approach Can Make A Difference

Open enrollment strategies of the past are no longer as effective. A new way of doing things must be adapted by the business world now that employees are returning to work. New strategies are required to ensure employees are remaining covered. In-office workplaces can benefit just as much from open enrollment processes that utilizes proprietary technology, such as those technologies from BPO providers.

Rather than defaulting to what worked prior to the pandemic, employees are more likely to prefer being educated on their healthcare options through digital documents. After some time with the materials, a virtual event will be hosted to inform employees about the enrollment steps to come. Following this, a microsite is a great way to reinforce the information found in the digital documents distributed to employees. Once enrollment is open, employees should flood in and complete their enrollment. When necessary, having live experts available can simplify the process if an employee is struggling.

While many businesses may require a more tailored solution, leveraging a third-party solutions provider makes the enrollment process that much easier for any struggling business. No business should ever settle for providing their employees with less than they deserve. To avoid doing this, consider the ways in which a third-party provider can help improve your organization’s open enrollment efforts. To learn more about the offerings of one of the major BPO providers in the space, continue reading on to the infographic coupled alongside this post.