Things to Note before Buying Outdoor Teak Wood Furniture

Things to Note before Buying Outdoor Teak Wood Furniture

Teak wood furniture has been well-known for its durability. No wonder, this kind of wood is chosen than others. It is weatherproof and has natural look that’s considered as the main enchantment while it protects from insect, rot and water. It means the furniture is able to last for years. However, when you are about to purchase teak furniture for outdoor living, you have to go through the process of purchasing along with the detail information.

The Details to Consider in Buying Teak Wood Furniture

Teak wood furniture is actually easy to maintain especially teak garden furniture Indonesia. It will become silvery-grey if it is untreated. However, the change of color will never have an effect on the structural component as well. You also have to notice some other changes over the wood, like small cracks or grain lifting. Even though it is typical, it will take away the beauty.

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While the color of silver-grey is preferred for more rustic application, some people may choose to restore to its original color. Here are the things you ought to think about when it comes to buy outdoor items, especially for teak wood furniture.

  • Weathering and finishing

For your information, there are three options for teak wood finishes: pre-weathered, unfinished (natural) and sealed. If you want to buy unfinished one, ensure you purchase it at the same time as they will finish up the unchanged color.  On contrary, if you want it looks golden brown, sealed furniture is the best option then. Sealing process is able to slow-down the process of weathering. Consequently, the process is able to wear it away.

  • Sustainability and price

Teak wood’s demand has been increasing in recent years. The high demand makes people; especially in South East Asia, exploit it much. Nonetheless, there are lots of sustainable harvestings these days.

Moreover, based on explanation above, teak is hard to find as the trees mostly grow in Asia. It makes the price getting expensive time by time. Make sure you think about the price whether it is worth or not. In case you love redecorating, buying teak furniture might not be the greatest decision.

  • Cleaning

To remove sustain, dirt and dust, teak wood furniture requires to clean no less than once a year. You can use hackle brush and a watery household cleanser. Don’t forget to ask over your salesperson how to clean it using certain kind of detergent or particular wood cleaner.teak-wood-furnitures-porur-chennai-furniture-manufacturers-nfeac.jpg (2592×1936)

  • The oiling matter

Before buying, the seller may recommend to buy oiling furniture since the chemical addition is able to help preserve the natural color. However, mildewing and molding are the downside. When it comes to choose to oil or not, contemplate where you are going to place the furniture. If you are going to place it outdoor, oiled teak wood is vital as it will weather. You will need to carry out this twice a year. On contrary, if you are going to place teak wood furniture indoor, not oiling it can be a good option.